Aust/NZ packaging innovations recognised at WorldStar awards

Three Australian companies and one New Zealand company have achieved international recognition for their packaging designs in the WorldStar Packaging Awards. The winning companies include Caps and Closures for Precise Pour, ILNAM Estate for 8 Kangaroos, Lactote for POLATOTE and Radix Nutrition for their Foil Packaging Breakfast Pouch. The wins were across three categories, Beverage, Food and Domestic & Household. Radix Nutrition is the first New Zealand company to be awarded a WorldStar Packaging Award for the Food Category.

This international recognition follows on from recent wins in the 2018 Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards which are run by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Packaging New Zealand. The PIDA Awards are the exclusive feeder program for Australia and New Zealand into the WorldStar Packaging Awards.

Precise pour for continuous pour, anti-clog and tamper-evidence

Company: Caps and Closures
Country: AustraliaThe Precise Pour takes a leap forward in the functionality of the simple tap, both for the consumer and the packer. It is simple to apply, intuitive to use, hard to damage and performs unlike any other tap on the market. The Precise Pour has features in all areas of the cap which create a user experience like no other. It is tamper evident, anti-surge, variable flow, 180 degree opening action, 360 degree pour, it has anti-binding lugs and has an anti-drip lip.


Company: ILNAM Estate
Country: Australia8Kangaroos by ILNAM Estate have been awarded the win for a unique and innovative wine bottle shaped like a Kangaroo. In addition, all raw materials were chosen for their ability to be recycled and there was extensive thought and consideration in the development of transport packaging to suit the shape of the bottle. The bottles unique shape makes it unlikely that it will be thrown away after initial use. It is envisaged that the bottle will be retained and used as a decanter, water bottle or just a curious item on a shelf. The bottle being embossed at the base with the brand name means that the brand will live on after the label has gone and the wine has been consumed. Destined to be extremely successful in the international duty-free market the family-owned business has developed an outstanding and innovative packaging design.


Company: Lactote
Country: Australia
Category: Beverage

Polatote is both an off-the-shelf supermarket/liquor shop beverage multipack and a portable ice cooler. No longer do you need an Esky style ice container and/or the traditional ice bucket to keep your drinks cold. Polatote has been fully redesigned as a highly functional shrinkfilm multi-pack with global influence and appeal. It is an ice cooler, or more accurately, a method for controlling the temperature of beverages in and outdoors. It is a comfortable, convenient and sturdy parcel/package for personal carrying and an easily and safely palletised multi-pack for general transportation and distribution. Polatote is a container to ensure original contents once consumed are recycled and do not become litter. Polatote replaces the standard type of beverage packaging presently used to deliver bottles of all types, metal cans and Tetra type cardboard packs to the marketplace.

Foil packaging breakfast pouch

Company: Radix Nutrition
Country: New Zealand
Category: Food

The Radix Nutrition foil breakfast packaging is simple to use, accessible in any situation, preserves nutrients and there is no food waste. The packaging needed to be durable, yet lightweight as they didn’t want to create problems for their users as a lot of their consumers are marathon runners, athletes, rugby players, endurance long distance runners, cyclists, campers and many other outdoor loving people. These people want to enjoy their athletic and outdoor endeavours and to avoid increases in the weight of their kit so their pouch had to be highly functional, yet add no additional weight.

The Australia and New Zealand winners will be able to collect their trophies at the 2019 WorldStar Packaging Awards in Prague, Czech Republic on the 15 May 2019. The WorldStar Packaging Awards are owned and coordinated by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).