Access to Nutrition Index: Nestlé leads on breast milk substitute marketing

Nestlé has improved its ranking in the 2016 Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) to first place for its marketing of breast milk substitutes and came second in the overall index.

In committing to marketing breast milk subtitutes responsibly, Nestlé aligned with World Health Organisation Codes and subsequent resolutions that resulted in ATNI improvements.

ATNI 2016 ranks the world's largest 22 food and beverage companies on their nutrition-related commitments and performance across seven categories: governance, products, accessibility, marketing, lifestyles, labelling and engagement. 

Nestlé came top in other sub-categories aside from BMS marketing: general nutrition and undernutrition. The index highlights Nestle's "clear corporate nutrition strategy" that covers reformulation, access to healthy foods and marketing: areas where it has built trust by making clear public commitments. 

ATNI was developed as an independent benchmarking tool for use by investors, health advocates and companies, and is collated using information in the public domain and supplied by companies themselves.

Driven by its passion for nutrition, Nestlé will continue to engage with ATNI, and welcomes the report’s specific recommendations on how it can improve its performance, to tackle global nutrition challenges.

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