Alcohol consumption drops to 17 year low, ABS

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that Australians appear to be taking a less is more attitude to alcohol consumption.

ABS data shows that overall alcohol consumption has fallen for the sixth consecutive year to represent a 17 year low in 2013. Consumption of beer in 2013 has fallen to a 67 year low and wine consumption dropped to the lowest its been in seven years. Cider however has risen significantly in popularity at double the consumption level it was four years ago, The Mercury reports.

CommSec chief economist Craig James, said that the data indicates the Australian consumers are embracing the concept that quality is better than quantity, especially within the beer market.

"That is certainly the case with beer, where craft beers are gaining favour over mainstream brands," James told The Mercury.

James says that another reason for the reduction in alcohol consumption could also be related to health concerns, noting that sales of sporting and recreational equipment has risen while alcohol consumption has fallen.

"But it may also be a case where Aussies are paying greater attention to health issues," James said.

In addition to health issues, James says that random breath testing and better diets may have also contributed to the decline.

Despite the decline, the ABS data shows that beer is still ahead of wine in terms of the amount of alcohol consumed, and that spirit consumption has remained relatively steady over the past ten years.


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