On The Shelf

Around the world in eight flavours

The master gelato makers at Gelatissimo continue their epic journey Around the World in August, introducing four all new and exciting flavours as inspired from across the globe.

Start with a walk on the wild side with Cape Town Choco Coco.  The bold fusion of chocolate and coconut in this creamy gelato is inspired by a South African favourite, deliciously crunchy Romany Coco Biscuits.

Next, experience the sophistication and romance of a French Kiss. The tantalizing crepe flavour melt-in-the-mouth gelato is paired with a refreshing orange citrus swirl. Think classic Crepes Suzette, and you will instantly be transported to a café on the Seine River.

Hopping across the Channel into the rich and comforting Gelato Royale – Gelatissimo’s take on the English classic, bread and butter pudding. The humble pudding has been transformed into a distinctive creamy vanilla custard gelato, folded with soft morsels of caramel soaked brioche and bursts of sweet sultanas, truly an indulgence fit for a Queen.

Wrap up your Gelatissimo journey Around the World with a bang with Viva Brasilia. Inspired by Rio, the passionfruit and sweet honey swirl gelato combination has a definite Latino flamboyancy yet also a beautiful and delicate floral accent.

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