Aussies buying more products with fairtrade label

Australians are more concerned with how farmers and workers in developing countries are treated, and are more likely to buy certified free trade products, a global poll has revealed.

More Australians not only recognise the FAIRTRADE Label, but are also actively looking for it when making purchases.

Of the 17 000 consumers Fairtrade surveyed from 24 different countries, over half said they believed buying certified free trade would help farmers in developing countries.

Over six in ten surveyed said they trust the FAIRTRADE Label and use it to make decisions.

Aussies were found to be more concerned about the welfare of those in developing nations, with almost 95 per cent of people saying companies dealing with farmers and workers in poor countries should pay them fairly, as compared to the global average of 85 per cent.

The number of FAIRTRADE purchases in Australia and New Zealand reflected this attitude, up 200 per cent as compared to 28 per cent around the rest of the world.

Over 80 per cent believe the only way to ensure they are purchasing Freetrade products is by having an independent third-party assess products.

Fairtrade ANZ CEO Stephen Knapp said the survey showed Aussie consumers have great concern about where the products they buy every day come from and that the farmers and workers at the end of the supply chain are getting a fair deal for their hard work.

“Aussie shoppers know that by choosing a product with the FAIRTRADE Label, they are directly helping to create a fairer world for all and are increasingly expecting companies to provide them more opportunities to make the fair and ethical choice at the checkout,” he said.

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