Australian coffee brands take trademark battle to high court

Australian coffee brands, Cantarella and Modena will be taking their trademark battle over blend names to the High Court.

Cantarella (which owns Vittoria) trademarked the Italian translation of Gold and Five Star – Oro and Cinque Stelle – over a decade ago, and Modena, which imports coffee blends that go by the names Oro and Clinque Stelle from Italian company Caffe Molinari SpA are calling for the trademarks to be cancelled, Yahoo!7 reports.

Cantarella successfully sued Modena in December last year for trademark infringement, however the decision was later overturned in the Federal Court. 

The court initially ruled that Italian words were commonly used in relation to coffee in Australia, and that fellow coffee traders had been using the words for some time in reference to quality.

The case will be heard in the High Court today.


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