Australian wines the toast of China trade shows


Two NSW wines are generating huge interest from wholesale buyers at trade shows held in Eastern China.

NSW Business Chamber representatives recently showcased Australian products at a series of trade shows in Zhejiang Province, south of Shanghai, including at the Hangzhou Wine Fair, as part of their Export Growth China program.

 “Drayton’s Family Wines and Brothers in Arms Vineyard were the toast of the Hangzhou Wine Fair. The event had more than 200 wholesale buyers in attendance, and generated 20 firm sales leads which will now be followed up by our specialist trade advisors in Shanghai to ensure these businesses are matched with the right buyers for the best chance at success,” said NSW Business Chamber General Manager, Paula Martin.

“NSW Business Chamber has opened a custom-designed showroom in the heart of Shanghai’s international trading district, which we are currently filling with Australian products, including samples from top Australian winemakers.

“Although the showroom will be officially launched in August, our staff on the ground in China are already proactively marketing these products to wholesale buyers and providing real-time feedback on potential sales leads,” Martin said.

John Drayton of Drayton’s Family Wines said the company joined the Export Growth China program to learn about the market in China and gain greater awareness and exposure of Drayton’s brand products in the Chinese market.

“Drayton’s Family Wines have been exporting to China for over 10 years.  During this time we have been only supplying “buyers own brand” to Chinese buyers as they approach us, however we have now made a conscious decision to attempt to supply our Drayton brand products. 

“We feel that the overall Chinese market is still in the early days of maturity and the potential is huge to not only supply softer full bodied red wines but from experienced gained from the Chinese tourist that visit our winery in the Hunter Valley fruiter soft white wines could become popular in the Chinese market. 

“From such hands on cellar experience that our staff are experiencing here in Australia we feel that it is only a matter of time before the market in China starts to accept such softer fruiter style white wines that would go very well with Chinese food.