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Aldi announced a finalist at Banksia Sustainability Awards

The Banksia Foundation revealed the dates of its 32nd Banksia Sustainability Awards, which will be held virtually from March 23 to the 24, featuring some of Australia’s sustainability success stories.

Holding the title for the 64 largest electricity user, Aldi has been made a finalist at the Banksia Sustainability Awards for its Aldi’s Roadmap to 100 per cent Renewable Electricity. Announced in August last year, Aldi is the first supermarket that plans to power all of its stores and warehouses with renewable electricity by the end of 2021.

This goal is to be reached through a three-part approach including onsite and offsite generation as well as third-party sources. Onsite generation will focus on increasing energy efficiency and maximising generation onsite of renewable electricity such as solar panels.

As part of their third-party sources, Aldi also procured two ten-year Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) with wind farms located in New South Wales and Victoria.

If the goal is reached, Aldi will be able to reduce their carbon emissions by 85 per cent.

“Our commitment to only use renewable electricity is just one of many milestones we will announce as we drive towards our vision of zero carbon emissions,” said Tom Daunt, CEO of Aldi Australia.

Aldi falls under four of the Banksia Awards categories including affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, climate action and partnerships for the goals.

The Banksia Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on working with government, communities and industries to encourage sustainability.


Quenching Aussie thirsts with latest warehouse facility

As Australia’s largest manufacturing industry, food and beverage processing has needed to adapt to consumer needs and trends to remain cutting edge, especially in response to the global pandemic. There is now more demand than ever for local production and supporting Australian businesses.

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Buyer beware: EHS due diligence is more important than ever

By Paul Kau and Bridget Mainland, Golder

With every merger and acquisition (M&A) deal comes a range of potentially significant risks. You don’t want to unnecessarily pay more for an asset than it’s worth, and you certainly don’t want expensive surprises or obstacles once you’ve already signed on the bottom line. That’s why it’s essential to understand, as fully as possible, just what you’re getting into.
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Not just a gas: Why generating nitrogen onsite makes good business sense

Nitrogen gas has numerous applications in food and beverage industries. Primarily, it is used to preserve or prevent product from spoiling from oxidisation. It has applications that range from food packaging and storage, to wine, beer and fruit juice production. While widely used, many food and beverage businesses rely on the delivery of bottled nitrogen gas as their source. This white paper examines the applications of nitrogen gas in Australian food and beverage operations and the business case for generating nitrogen onsite.


Allen’s sour twist on an Aussie favourite

The team at lolly brand Allen’s is launching Sourz Frogs Alive bringing a new twist to a classic lolly.

Following on from the tongue twisting success of Allen’s Sourz Snakes and Sourz Tangy Randoms, the team at Allen’s have taken their iconic red frog and given it a sour twist. With no artificial colours, Allen’s Sourz Frogs Alive are designed to bring a bit of fun to any occasion and be a crowd pleaser with lolly fans.

Essential oils make easy work for food manufacturers

Botanical Innovations is small company going places. Founder and managing director, Kerry Ferguson, is passionate about her products, which are powder-based commodities such as apple cider vinegar, zero alcohol wine, as well as essential oils, which are ideal for the food, nutraceutical, and health and wellness industries.
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Woolworths start work on $184m DC

Woolworths Group’s supply chain arm – Primary Connect – has commenced building works on its new Heathwood Distribution Centre (DC) in southeast Queensland. The 42,000 sqm temperature controlled facility – equivalent to more than three times the size of the Suncorp Stadium playing field – will enable fresher, faster and more efficient deliveries of around 4,000 frozen and chilled products to more than 260 stores across Queensland and northern New South Wales.
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How do you achieve proactive food safety?

With recalls on the rise, along with their associated business costs, proactive food safety has become a top concern for food and beverage executives.

However, at the plant level the goals of reducing maintenance downtime, maximising output, and limiting waste also need to be prioritised alongside food safety.

Maintenance, operations, quality, health and safety, and sustainability leaders must work together to find solutions that mutually benefit all areas, but this is easier said than done.

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Victoria boosts seasonal workforce

The Victorian Government is delivering further support for the state’s horticultural industry, providing an additional $19.3 million to support locals into jobs and cover the majority of the quarantine costs for Pacific Islander workers. Read more