Babich wines celebrate 100 years of winemaking

This month, Babich Wines, one of the pioneers of New Zealand winemaking, will be dusting off the archives and sharing its family stories to celebrate the company’s centenary in 2016.

Babich will be posting 100 stories on babichwines.co.nz, meaning anyone with an internet connection will be able to learn about the family’s trials and tribulations. They will also be sharing rare images, including shots of the original vineyards and the tools they used.

“We wanted to throw the doors open and share the most intimate and interesting parts of our history,” explains Joe Babich, Managing Director and second-generation winemaker. 

“Our family’s story is one of passion, grit and hard work; caring for the earth and the vines; and at the end of the day, creating wines that represent excellence through experience. We’re excited to celebrate that and to share our success with wine lovers both here in New Zealand and around the world.”

New stories will be added to the website each month, kicking off with 26 in September. They touch on a range of emotions. Some reflect the struggles endured by the founder, Josip Babich, in the 1900s, while others show how pure hard work and innovation has ensured its century long success. Scattered among the stories are tales that will have readers laughing out loud.

Founder, Josip Babich, produced and bottled his first wine in 1916 at just 20 years old. According to Joe, he was an honest businessman, whose approach to winemaking was built on integrity, hard work and delivering quality and value to the customer.

“Can you imagine today, what it would mean for a 14-year-old boy to leave his parents and join his brothers to earn a living on the other side of the world? This journey was the humble beginnings for Josip, whose honest hard work and determination set the way for generations to come,” says Joe. 

“His traditional values still guide the business today, nearly 100 years on – and of that, we are immensely proud.”

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