Baked beans go large

From June, baked beans will be available in a 1kg resealable pack, allowing consumer to get their fill of baked beans from the fridge in portions that suit them.

The 1kg fridge pack has been designed to reduce wastage – those who only want a mouthful of baked beans can have their mouthful, screw the lid back on and put the pack back in fridge.

Alternatively, mums and dads looking for a quick way to feed the family can do so in one economical pack.

The new SPC Baked Beans 1kg fridge pack features a handy see-through portion control panel, so that you can easily see how many beans are left in the pack. Once opened, the baked beans will keep in the fridge for five days allowing for multiple servings for almost a week.

“Each 1kg pack contains 11 serves of vegetables and offers greater flexibility for modern families who are looking for meal options that are easy, taste great and provide value for money,” says SPC Ardmona’s Mary Stafford.

According to leading Australian dietician, Karen Inge, no matter your age, eating baked beans will help you reach the recommended daily intake of important nutrients needed for the body to function efficiently during the day.

“Baked beans are low in fat, contain energy-giving carbohydrates, protein for the body’s growth and repair, plus are an excellent source of dietary fibre,” she says.

SPC Baked Beans contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

The SPC Baked Beans 1kg fridge pack is available in Rich Tomato flavour.

RRP $3.19

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