BSC committed to maintaining customer uptime and keeping supply chain open

In a time of uncertainty, it’s good to have a constant, especially if that constant helps keep Australia’s food and beverage supply chain open. BSC are making sure their clients know  they are open for business in this vital cog of manufacturing and processing.

With food and beverage companies ramping up production, at some stage they will inevitably need their plant and machinery to be maintained. The supply chain is only as good as the products that are being moved, and the amount of products being moved is reliant on plant and machinery being in tip-top shape.

National accounts manager for BSC, Jeff Mrak, knows how important having products available on demand is for food and beverage manufacturers and processors.

“If one of these plants has a bearing, seal, chain, electric motor or gearbox fail, then their production plant will stop,” he said. “We’re lucky because our supply chain is sourced from various high-quality, multinational manufacturers that have the capability to help keep plants open. We are very well hedged against any issues, without supply chains becoming affected significantly.

“We have access to a further supply chain for parts through the Motion Industries business in the US, which is a massive distribution network that we can utilise. They’re open for business because they have the essential services classification.”

Just as important is the availability of staff to support clients and make sure products arrive in good time if urgent maintenance is required.

“We’ve checked with some of our larger national corporate organisations to ensure we’ve got them covered on critical stocks and we’re all good,” said Mrak. “Our supply chain is well spread, and we have multiple products at multiple locations – all our teams are available 24/7.

“As production ramps up, the need for our products will increase. Where food-grade products are required we will supply those products.”

And while the company is assuring its clients and potential clients that they are open for business, it is treating the coronavirus situation with the respect it deserves.

“We have our engineering team available and we can deploy people to a particular site; we’re lucky that our engineering solutions teams are situated in every state to go to a site,” he said. “We are taking into account the protocols of COVID-19 and what is required at each level.”

Mrak’s comments are backed up by CEO Nick Kerwin who said his company has large stock holdings and its supply chain remains under constant review.

“You have my commitment that even in these difficult times, we are an organisation that will always be here to provide reliable, efficient, local and yes-can-do service,” Kerwin said.

As COVID-19 threatens to grind businesses to a halt, BSC remains committed to maintaining customers’ up-time and productivity.

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