Burra Foods’ halves energy costs

Australian dairy ingredient processor Burra Foods recently halved their energy costs by installing a new wastewater treatment system.

According to Burra Foods’ Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Daniel Tsivoulidis, they began to see results at the Korumburra site in the South Gippsland region of Victoria just one week after installing the Hydroflux HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation unit.

“Within a week we were already removing so many of the solids in primary treatment that our secondary treatment Sequencing Batch Reactors did not need as much oxygen. We immediately saw a drop in electricity costs.

“With some more fine tuning we saw even more improvements.  We reduced our energy costs by almost half and the sequencing batch reactors can now process double the volume of water,” he said.

Burra Foods HyDAF unit now removes 60 to 70 per cent of contaminants in a continuous automated process and it has shown savings through reduced energy and chemical demand, as well as a reduction in operational expenses in downstream treatment.

The DAF unit also enabled improved pH fine-tuning and there is less down time now required for washing the microfiltration and reverse osmosis plants that form part of downstream processes.

The Burra Foods site can use up to a million litres of water a day and final treated water is discharged to the environment. Improved primary treatment reduces water variations going into the secondary and tertiary treatment further guaranteeing the high quality of this discharged water.


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