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Cacao & Mint Protein Crunch

The union of irresistible cacao and cool mint with added protein crunch is genius. Our all-natural protein keeps you full for longer while activated buckinis keep things nice and crunchy.

Product Manufacturer  Pure Good Bars

Launch date (must be in the last 3 months to be eligible)               January 2016

Ingredients (as listed on the packaging)                


Raw Cashews


Organic Pea Protein

Organic Raw Cacao

Organic Activated Buckinis

Organic Mint Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Himalayan Salt

Shelf Life             12 months

Packaging            Foil wrapper

Product Manager             Lindi Glass

Country of origin              Australia

Brand Website                 www.puregoodbars.com.au

Contact Email     lindi@puregoodbars.com.au

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