Capilano MD takes the sting out of toxic honey reports

A recent article about alleged toxins in Australian honey published by FairFax Media is an “alarmist and sensationalist report of the issue of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) in honey,” according to Dr Ben McKee, Managing Director of honey maker Capilano.

According to Dr McKee,  “Alkaloids are generated naturally by plants and are used as a defence mechanism. They have been detected in a range of foods including honey, teas, herbal products, milk, meat, grains and cereals.”

“Industry and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) recognises that honeys produced from Patterson's Curse (Echium plantagineum) will contain these alkaloids and that consumers should not exclusively eat large quantities of this honey (FSANZ 2011),” he said.

“The alkaloids known as echimidine and lycopsamine are the predominant ones found in Patterson's Curse honey and as a result of best practice modern farming techniques, the amount of honey produced from the agricultural weed Patterson's Curse has declined dramatically over the past decade, to next to nothing,” he noted.

“No longer do we see fields of purple flowering weeds in Australia. This change in the environment has resulted in an insignificant production of this type of honey in Australia and it is not considered a commercial honey that will be used in retail honey products.”

“Most notably,” said Dr McKee, “Patterson's Curse honey is not produced in commercial quantities in Australia. Despite this, there remains no scientific evidence illustrating that consuming such honey leads to unfavourable clinical human health concerns.”

“Consumers of quality Australian honey have nothing to fear and they should continue to enjoy our great natural Australian honeys without hesitation,” he concluded.

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    the family of super star cook whilst gary Rhodes use reinforced he expired after having suffered a chemistry of the brain issue.

    Rhodes kicked the bucket at Dubai, from where he were originally being located and working, on to wednesday, At age of absolutely 59.

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    man britain cook dinner Vineet Bhatia, where filmed with your music artist here in Dubai a week ago, stated he appeared to be instructed Rhodes not to mention banged or perhaps top in advance of expiry.

    Rhodes suffered from formerly a break down our blood clot on mental performance subsequent to he was most play from their van in Amsterdam from the ages of 19, any time you are he ended up being informed for professional medical another head injury can be terminal, chinese newspaper a new common letter revealed.

    Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver on top of that Nigella Lawson acquired been one of top culinary arts people to pay for tribute to Rhodes immediately following this passing.

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    Dating has come a long way in the last decade. From about the web swiping for casual hook ups to ghosting, The year 2020 will bring more changes in the dating domain. Online apps reminiscent of Tinder, Bumble and Grindr will continue to stay popular although finding relationships is not limited to the internet. While millennials value their technological innovations, Personal connection has its own significance in their lives. Topics concerned with honesty about consent, Monogamy, And positive lovemaking requires this personal connection and face to face contact. pursuing into the new year dating, friendships and breakups are predicted to have new trends, So arm yourself with these dating terms.

    Cause gambling: Involves getting back talking to an ex simply to ask for a favour, Usually donating to charity or supporting a friend (Usually about taking advantage of a good cause). the case most affects singles in their early 40s, But international dating site Plenty Of Fish estimates a staggering 47 percent of people on the dating scene have received it in some form.

    Dail muscle mass: This is considered ghosting but not in even once. A relatively recent trend, Is the term used to describe an individual gives you their number, Only to never reply to your message when you finally text them. it calls for a 90s reference of dial tones.

    Fleabagging: Almost every girl you know has dated a flea bag at least one time. Inspired by Phoebe Waller Bridge iconic TV characteristics, Fleabagging is essentially the act of dating those people we know are wrong for us. Women tend all ready more flea bags than men, based on Plenty of Fish 63% of women have admitted to doing this.

    Type illuminating: In age of astrology and love language tests, The youth tends to gravitate towards individuals after basing their match ups with someone based on such tests. for example, No Leos want.

    Glamboozled: You heard of being bamboozled, Now become accustomed to being glamboozled. After spending quite a few hours preparation with make up and clothes on point, Your date cancels on you very end or worse, Ghosts you this is known as being glamboozled. over fifty percent of the singles have admitted to being glamboozled.

    White hammering: White clawing occurs when someone stays with their partner because they find them attractive but believe them to be basic and boring. Over 34% of singles have said to white clawing.

    green Carding: Millennials have opened up conversation about honesty in relationships, Speaking their minds if you find a problem. Yellow carding refers to calling out someone on bad dating behaviour which unfortunately could be anything from miscommunication to constant bailing.

    higher these new trends, Previous dating trends which don’t seem to fall in popularity include: Ghosting, Thirst capturing, Cuffing, and. Although positive trends about honesty and more touch have come up, Older toxic trends still to be able to occur. Hopefully 2020 happens to be the year for happy successful working relationships.

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