Apple and Strawberry Fruit Pieces

Product name: Apple and Strawberry Fruit Pieces

Product manufacturer: J.C.'s Quality Foods

Ingredients: Fruit (98.7%) [Concentrated Apple Puree (44%), Concentrated Apple Juice (32%), Strawberry Puree (22%), Concentrated Aronia Juice (0.7%)], Citrus Fibre, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Natural Flavour.

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 25g/unit, 18 units/CTN

Product manager: Louis Cannatelli

Brand website:

What the company says
Another innovative product is J.C.’s new Apple & Strawberry Fruit Pieces pack, which is a 100 percent fruit derived ‘confectionery’ snack with no added sugar.

The bite-sized jelly-like pieces are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sulphites and come in an attractive 25g pack.

Following on from our very successful five Snack Pack varieties that include the Original Delicious Energy Mix, Healthy Mix, Outback Mix and Jackaroo Mix, we are confident we have another winning formula with these two new products.


Vodka O pre-mixed cocktails

Product name: Vodka O Pre Mixed Cocktails

Product manufacturer: ASM Liquor

Ingredients: Vodka O Pear With A Hint Of Vanilla. 

  • Carbonated Filtered Water
  • Sugar
  • Reconstituted Pear Juice (5%)
  • Vodka (4.7%)
  • Brewed Apple Extract (0.3%)
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavours
  • Potassium Sorbate 

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 4 pack or Individual

Product manager: Nick Mann


What the company says
Australian owned ASM Liquor has released its own naturally crafted pre-mix cocktails inspired by global trends and consumer demand for more premium, crafted and healthier choices. The VODKA O pre-mix range establishes a new benchmark in the pre-mix drink market and is set to transform the Light Pre-mix category.

The naturally crafted VODKA O pre-mixes contain pure VODKA O, real fruit juices, no added colours or artificial flavours and have less sugar and fizz compared to competitors.

Inspired by the co-founders favourite drink recipes, the drinks are available in a range of flavour combinations:
– Apple, Ginger & Spice
– Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint
– Pear with a hint of Vanilla
– Strawberry, Cranberry and a touch of Basil

This is the first entry into the pre-mix category for VODKA O. VODKA O delivers a super smooth vodka experience, a result of its unique whey base, triple distillation and carbon filtration. This smoothness has been transferred to the exceptional and refreshing taste of the new VODKA O pre-mix range.


Yummia Fruit & Cinnamon Bircher Muesli

Product name: Fruit & Cinnamon Bircher Muesli

Product manufacturer: Yummia

Ingredients: Yoghurt (water, milk, skim milk powder, culture), apples, rolled oats, apricot (apricot, preservative 220), sultana, biscotti (milk, sugar, glucose syrup, egg yolk, water, starch, curcuma, paprika vegetable extracts), cinnamon, preservative (223)   

Shelf life: 42 days

Packaging: heat sealed tub with cardboard wrap

Product manager:  Mia McCarthy

Brand website:

What the company says
A true crowd pleaser! Yummia’s Fruit & Cinnamon combines delicious chunky real fruit pieces, laced with a cinnamon twist, with lush natural yoghurt.

Vermut Negre

Product name: Vermut Negre

Product manufacturer: Casa Mariol

Ingredients: Casa Mariol uses a base wine of Macabeo grapes, macerated with a blend of up to 150 botanicals including green walnuts, rosemary, thyme, orange peel, wormwood and cardamom. 15% Alcohol.

Shelf life: After opening keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days.

Packaging: 1 litre glass bottle

Product manager: James Duffield

Brand website:

What the company says
Casa Mariol Vermut Negre is a hand-made, barrel matured aperitif from Spain which is leading the vermouth revolution in Australia. Herbaceous and dark in colour, this vermouth is best enjoyed simply or mixed in cocktails as the perfect prelude to tapas.


Spiral’s organic Dijon Mustard

Product name: Organic Dijon Mustard

Product manufacturer: Spiral

Ingredients: Water, organic mustard seeds, organic cider vinegar, salt.

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: Sealed in a jar

Product manager: Sarah Negri

Brand website:

What the company says
A dollop of Organic Dijon Mustard is the final and necessary touch to any English Ploughman's lunch. An unbeatable combination of sourdough bread, smoked ham, cheddar and relish, brought together by the all-important tartness of Dijon mustard.

At Spiral Foods we are proud of our contributions to help slow the unnecessary changes that are occuring to our earth, climate and oceans. Our products are made by people with a passion for wholesome traditional foods of the highest standards and quality.


Mueso muesli

Product name: Mueso

Product manufacturer: Mueso

Ingredients: coconut, puffed quinoa, triticale oats, barberry, goji berry, cinnamon, utmeg, diced apples, dig, almond, walnut, coconut sugar

Shelf life: 6 months

Packaging: clear stand up pouch

Product manager:  Victoria Wein

Brand website:

What the company says
Mueso is the latest trending Melbourne made muesli to fill up bowls nationwide! Mueso offers a unique blend of ingredients to tantalise taste buds, some of the ingredients include: caramelised figs, coconut sugar, antioxidant filled goji berries, tritcale oats and even barberries.

Mueso is the brainchild of local food enthusiast Victoria Wein who has been working on Mueso in her home kitchen in order to find the perfect blend and bring forth a new player to the muesli market.

The company has been established to provide a high quality product. All the ingredients in the 500 gram pouch have all been sourced from the best supplier; one of the suppliers is from Western Australia. Additionally, Mueso will be ensuring that from each packet sold, they will be giving back to the local community.

The company is going to be giving back through the use of crowdsourcing initiatives. Their website ( is providing a means for people to email in suggestions about how and where Mueso should help those in need. The company’s primary focus is to provide Mueso during the most important meal of the day, breakfast! They want to ensure people are being fed a wholesome and delicious breakfast.


Quorn Pies and Schnitzels

Product name: Quorn Pies and Schnitzels

Product manufacturer: Quorn

Ingredients: Mince and Potato Pie: Water, wheat flour (iron, thiamin, niacin, calcium carbonate), Quorn Mince (18%) [mycoprotein* (16%), rehydrated free range egg white, firming agent (calcium chloride), acidity regulator (calcium acetate), barley malt extract, caramelised sugar], vegetables 14% [potato (6%), onion, swede, carrot], vegetable oil, maize starch, salt, canola oil, free range egg, yeast extract, emulsifier (471), milk, sage, white pepper, wheat maltodextrin, dextrose, sunflower oil, raising agent (503)

Shelf life: Approximately 18 months

Packaging: 400g cardboard box with two pies in each.

Product manager: Suzanne Harman

Brand website:

What the company says  
Mince & Potato Pies (200g each) – This pie features a meat and soy-free form of high quality protein with diced potato in a rich savoury gravy topped with puff pastry.

Chicken-Style & Leek Pies (200g each) – Inspired by the household favourite, meat-free, soy-free chicken style pieces are combined with sweet leeks and a rich, tasty creamy sauce topped with puff pastry.

Tomato & Cheese Schnitzels (240g each) – Better than any pub meal, the chicken-style schnitzels are covered with a tomato and cheese sauce and coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs.

Latasha’s Kitchen’s Malaysian Satay Paste

Product name: Malaysian Satay Paste

Product manufacturer: Latasha's Kitchen

Ingredients: Peanuts, chilli, coconut cream, spices, tamarind juice, peanut oil, lemongrass, palm sugar, candlenuts, shrimp paste, lemon juice, salt, vinegar. Contains crustacean, peanut and nut product.

Shelf life: 2 years

Packaging: 180g Net Glass Jar

Product manager: Latasha Menon

Brand website:

What the company says
A nutty, thick and spicy paste ideal as a staple in any pantry. Made with fresh lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chillies, and combined with warm roasted crushed peanuts and hand blended spices – this versatile paste is sure to please.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 8 weeks of opening. Always use a dry, sterilised spoon. Top left over paste with olive oil.

Made in Australia from local and imported fresh ingredients and premium herbs & spices. Gluten and preservative Free, with no artificial fillers or flavour enhancers.

Latasha's Kitchen is dedicated to the art of cooking homestyle regional dishes using traditional methods and techniques.


Gippsland Dairy Organic Yogurt

Product name: Gippsland Dairy Organic Yogurt

Product manufacturer: Gippsland Dairy

Ingredients: (Vanilla flavoured yogurt): Organic milk, Organic sugar, Milk solids, Water, Rice starch, Natural flavours, Thickener (Locust Bean Gum), Food acid (Citrus acid), Yogurt cultures

Packaging: 900g tub

Shelf life: Once opened, consume within 3 days

Product manager: Lynley Radford, General Manager of Sales and Category on Gippsland Dairy

Brand website:

What the company says
This month Gippsland Dairy introduces a new range of Organic yogurts.

The Gipplsand Dairy Organic range will consist of 450g tubs in Vanilla, Mango and Blackberry & Raspberry flavours and 900g tubs in Vanilla and Natural flavours. This product line will be available exclusively in Woolworths from late-August 2014.

The Gippsland Dairy Organic range is Australian Certified Organic (ACO), one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world for organic production. The new range has been carefully crafted to cater to the growing number of Australians who are looking for organic food products. Gippsland Dairy Organic is also free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Gippsland Dairy is one of the top five yogurt brands in the country and the latest move is set to make it accessible to even more Australians.

Vitasoy Coconut Milk

Product name: Vitasoy Coconut Milk

Product manufacturer: Vitasoy

Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut cream (min. 8%), raw sugar, minerals (calcium phosphate), emulsifier (471), stabiliser (407, 418), natural flavour, sea salt

Shelf life: 9 months

Packaging: 1L, UHT

Brand website:

What the company says
Coconut milk is a new way to enjoy an alternative to dairy, soy and other plant milks – it's also lactose free. Using real coconut to make its coconut cream, Vitasoy Coconut Milk is perfect for cereals, smoothies or as a dairy alternative in cooking savoury dishes and baking.

Vitasoy is one of the first major manufacturers to bring coconut milk to Australian food fanatics keen to try out new flavours. Look out for Vitasoy Coconut Milk on shelf in major supermarkets from mid-September, RRP $3.79 for both Original and Unsweetened.

Vitasoy Coconut Milk:

  • Made from real coconut cream, with the consistency of lite milk*
  • It’s low in sugar and has at least 1/3 less calories than lite milk*, just 75 calories per serve
  • Contains the goodness of calcium
  • It’s naturally lactose and dairy free with no colours or preservatives
  • Available in two variants from major supermarkets:
  1. Vitasoy Coconut Milk Original (1L)
  2. Vitasoy Coconut Milk Unsweetened (1L)

* Based on dairy milk with 1% fat containing 51 calories and 6.1g total sugars per 100mL (NUTTAB 2010)

On Shelf: From 15th September 2014


Connoisseur’s Empire Collection

Product name: The Empire Collection

Product manufacturer: Connoisseur

Ingredients (red bean with coconut flavour): Cream (32%), Skim Milk Concentrate, Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Desiccated Coconut (2%), Red Bean Paste (1.5%), Dextrose Monohydrate, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Origin Emulsifier [471 (Soy)], Vegetable Gums (410, 440), Flavours, Colours (150d, 120, 163), Salt, Food Acid (327)

Packaging:  Tubs, designed by Melbourne street artist, Steve Cross

Brand website:

What the company says
Connoisseur, the creators of luscious ice cream flavours such as Murray River Salted Caramel and Kangaroo Island Honey with Fig, have launched a new range of decadent gourmet ice cream.

The Connoisseur Empire Collection brings the story of ice cream to life with four unique flavour combinations inspired by four historical characters, each of whom had a connection to the very origins of ice cream. In an ode to Italy and Emperor Nero, coffee hazelnut flavoured ice cream has been taken to the next level with the addition of chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur sauce, while in a homage to King Louis XIV, French vanilla flavoured ice cream gets the royal treatment with the addition of choc flakes and Armagnac sauce.

Taking inspiration from the east and the extravagant Emperor Jing Zong, red bean flavoured ice cream has been paired with coconut; and as a tribute to King Cyrus of Persia, divine pistachio flavoured ice cream has been swirled with a sauce made from cinnamon, honey and dates. These four flavours make up The Empire Collection, a range packed with the signature creaminess of Connoisseur ice cream and indulgent textural extras.

Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider

Product name: Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider

Manufacturer: Rekorderlig Cider

Packaging: 500ml glass bottle

Product manager: John Logue


What the company says:

Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider has been specifically designed for the Australian palate and will join the successful Passionfruit and Apple-Guava ciders as the brand continues to bring seasonal flavour innovation into the category.

“NPD is still a large part of the Australian cider category with 67% of the last summer’s growth coming from new ciders*. Pomegranate has been a huge hit in our consumer tastings and we hope bartenders across Australia will be as excited to get hold of this flavour as we are”. John Logue, customer marketing manager, Rekorderlig.

Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider is crafted at the family owned fourth generation brewery in Vimmerby, Sweden, where it has been made since its first creation.

Their full flavour range includes, Strawberry-Lime, Apple-Guava, Passionfruit, Wild Berries, Pear, tropical Mango-Raspberry, Orange-Ginger, traditional Swedish-style Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and now Pomegranate.


Espresso di Manfredi 250g

Product name: Espresso di Manfredi 250g

Product manufacturer: D.E.Coffee & Tea

Ingredients: Roasted Classico coffee beans

Shelf life: 12 months

Product manager: Amy Galbac

Brand website:

What the company says
Leading Italianate boutique espresso brand Espresso di Manfredi has launched a take-home pack of coffee beans allowing customers to experience their Espresso di Manfredi moment at home.

The 250g Classico blend offered in the 250g pack is a fine, complex coffee with a full and textured body. Blending high-quality arabicas from South America and a touch of fine robustas from Asia, the blend offers well-balanced fruit and elegant acidity with a long lingering chocolate finish.

Teh 250g take home pack is available at Espresso di Manfredi cafés Australia wide which can be found using the café locator via

The Espresso di Manfredi family of coffee blends is the creation of two taste masters, celebrated chef Stefano Manfredi and leading coffee roaster Wayne Archer from D.E. Coffee & Tea. At the heart of the brand is ‘Sprezzatura’ or ‘effortless mastery’. With decades of experience between them, both masters have drawn on their unique language of flavour and knowledge of food, to craft the family of blends, Classico, Audacia and Chiaro, sealing the essence of sprezzatura.


Jacob’s Creek’s Sparkling Lightly Range

Product name: Sparkling Lightly Range

Product manufacturer: Jacob's Creek

Packaging: Glass – 750ml

Shelf life: 12 months


What the company says
Jacob's Creek has launched a new pétillant-style wine range, named Sparkling Lightly.

The Sparkling Lightly range, which is available in white and rosé variants, has been developed by the winemaking team at Jacob's Creek to offer a delicately bubbly drinking experience that is enjoyable on any occasion.

“Talking to consumers revealed significant interest in wines that are less bubbly, as some people said they experience a full feeling when drinking sparkling beverages”, said Jacob's Creek Sparkling and White Winemaker, Rebekah Richardson.

“In response, we crafted this delicious Sparkling Lightly wine. By limiting the sugar in the second fermentation we have achieved its very delicate sparkling character.”

Each Jacob's Creek Sparkling Lightly wine is a blend of aromatic grape varieties such as Fiano, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and White Frontignac, among others. The result is a fresh wine that is delicately bubbly and dances lightly on the palate.

Packaged in an attractive spumante-shape bottle with a hooded cork and cage closure, Sparkling Lightly looks stylish and contemporary, both on shelf and in the home.


Spiral Dip & Toss Pasta Oils

Product name: Spiral Dip & Toss Pasta Oils

Product manufacturer: Spiral Foods

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herb Paste (Roasted Garlic, Canola/Olive Oil, Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Dijon Mustard, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Salt, Cayenne Pepper), Salt, Chili Pepper.

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: Glass bottle

Product manager: Spiral Foods

Brand website:

What the company says
Spiral’s Dip & Toss Pasta Oils are as versatile as they are tasty. Available in Rosemary & Garlic, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil and Basil & Parmesan, the Dip & Toss Pasta Oils are made with fresh herbs and spices matched with premium quality cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Spiral has blended the finest 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the punch of herbs, spices, vegetables and select specialty ingredients. Create a signature dish with this versatile pantry item or simply add to any dish that calls for olive oil.

Stir it through fresh pasta with a dollop of tapenade, or drizzle it over a pizza for that restaurant-quality taste. For something a bit different, mix the Dip & Toss Pasta Oil with vinegar and toss through a green salad, or simply use as a dip with crusty fresh bread and watch as the bowl is wiped clean.

Better for U! Barley Clusters

Product name: better for U! Barley Clusters

Product manufacturer: Popina Foods

Ingredients: Wholegrains, BARLEYmax, cranberries, macadamias, cashews, stevia, sunflower oil, golden syrup.

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Cereal box

Product manager: Suzanne van Leeuwen

Brand website:

What the company says
Goodness Superfoods has extended its range of products with their new Better for U! Barley Clusters with cashews, macadamias and cranberries.The cluster cereal features BARLEYmax, a super grain, developed by the CSIRO, that can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Goodness Superfoods products meet the guidelines and nutritional standards of Diabetes Australia – Vic, the peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes.

The Better for U! Barley Clusters, which will be on supermarket shelves from August 2014, are an excellent source of fibre and contain 25% less sugar*. The product received 4.5 out of 5 in the Health Star Ratings, a system developed by the Department of Health. It was awarded this rating due to its very high level of whole grains and prebiotics for digestive balance, nourishing the good bacteria inside the gut.


Spiral Chunky Tapenades

Product name: Spiral Chunky Tapenades

Product manufacturer: Spiral Foods

Ingredients: Green olives, black olives, roasted red peppers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, spices, salt, lactic acid, sugar, citric acid.

Shelf life: Two years

Packaging: Glass jar

Product manager: Spiral Foods

Brand website:

What the company says
Spiral Foods Chunky Tapenades are available in three varieties: Green Olive, Black Olive and Muffuletta. Bold and full-bodied, Spiral’s Chunky Tapenades are a Mediterranean pantry staple for the busy home cook.

With roughly chopped olives and premium quality olive oil, each of the Chunky Tapenades (quite literally) brings something new to the table. Unlike most other tapenades on the market, the roughly chopped olives provide a homemade taste and appearance, almost as if you had taken the time yourself.

Spiral’s Chunky Tapenades can be used as an appetiser, mixed with fresh tomatoes and herbs and served atop crunchy bread for a bruschetta delight, as a marinade for red meat, or as a stuffing for poultry. Fold some into lightly scrambled eggs with some creamy goats cheese, or simply layer it onto a pizza base for a blast of flavour.

Pompelmo Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage

Product Name: Pompelmo Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage

Product manufacturer: Sanpellegrino

Ingredients: Reconstituted grapefruit juice (16%), sugar, carbon dioxide, flavours, food acid (citric).

Packaging: 330ml can

Shelf life: 15 months

Product manager: Manuela Capponi


What the company says
Pompelmo “Grapefruit” has 16% fruit juice and is made from the finest pure grapefruit juice which exhibits a bitter sweet, zesty taste to refresh and quench any thirst. The innovative ‘foil seal’ that shrouds the top of the can is exclusive to Sanpellegrino cans, providing tamper security and hygienic protection while reflecting the colour of fresh grapefruits. The Pompelmo can is the same great taste as the 200ml glass bottle but is now available in a more convenient can, perfect for on-the-go outdoor activities and glass free venues.


Spiral Organic Sugo

Product name: Basil & Garlic Sugo

Product manufacturer: Spiral Foods

Ingredients: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Puree (water, Organic Tomato Paste), Organic Onions, Organic Roasted Garlic, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Basil, Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Spices, Citric Acid.

Shelf life: 2 years

Packaging: Glass jar

Product manager: Spiral Foods

Brand website:

What the company says
Spiral’s Organic Sugos are available in three varieties: Basil & Garlic, Arrabiata, and Primavera, making them a pantry staple to keep on repeat. Chefs Weber and Declercq hung up their aprons and headed to the Sonoma Valley to source the finest quality ingredients to put their years of expertise into a jar. With plump organic tomatoes and fresh herbs cooked to perfection, the Sugos are rich, robust, and tempered with the smoothness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As well as a partner to fresh pasta, they can be served as an accompaniment to meat, poultry or seafood. Add a dash of verjuice to create a broth for cooking mussels or a sauce for poached salmon.

Mrs Mac’s Oven Fresh

Product name: Oven Fresh

Product manufacturer: Mrs Mac's

Ingredients: Steak (Minimum 25%), Water, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils [Vegetable Oil, Water, Salt, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers (471, 472c, Soybean Lecithin), Antioxidants (304, 320), Flavour, Colour (160a)], Thickener (1422), Seasoning [Wheat, Soy], Maltodextrin, Flavour

Shelf life:18 months frozen

Packaging: Two pies per pack

Brand website

What the company says
Our range of unbaked pies are made with premium ingredients like 100% lean Australian beef, fresh free range chicken and fresh vegetables. Simply add a milk or egg-wash glaze and bake to perfection. We make it, you bake it!