Buckweaves released by Livwell Emporium

Australian manufacturer Livwell Emporium has released Buckweaves, a plant alternative snack, which uses buckwheat as an ingredient.
To avoid the need to fry the product, Livwell had created a formula for Buckweaves that delivers a  crunchy snack that is baked and flavoured in batches at its manufacturing site in Seaford, Victoria.
To enhance the nutritional offering of the Buckweaves snack, the company also used buckwheat in the ingredients of the innovative new snack. Unlike the name suggests, buckwheat is unrelated to wheat, is gluten free and is part of the rhubarb family.
Buckwheat is also often referred to as a superfood.

Nexba launches six new drinks

Nexba has launched a string of new products into both Coles and Woolworths including sugar and artificial sweetener-free tonic water and iced tea ranges. As well as expanding its best-selling Kombucha range to include fan-favourite flavour, Mango.
They are available in 1L bottles at both Coles and Woolworths. Available in three flavours: Classic / Pear, Jasmine & Hirami Lemon (naturally coloured pink) / Lime, Cucumber & Mint (naturally coloured green). RRP $2.65. The average 1L bottle of tonic water has approximately 22 teaspoons of sugar(!) – Nexba’s has none, naturally.

Chobani releases limited edition yogurt

S’mores Flip is a limited edition yogurt released by Chobani. It features marshmallow-flavoured low-fat yogurt with a side of cookie crumble, milk chocolate and coated rice crisps.
S’mores Flip is just the latest of the yogurt company’s flavour combinations, from the much  Hot Cross Chobunny Flip earlier this year, to the recent Chobani Zomberry Pot packed with ghoulish grey vanilla flavoured low-fat yogurt on a base of sour blackberries.

Limited edition Captain Morgan sails into Australia

Sailing in for some festive fun, Captain Morgan has arrived just in time to spice up summer drinks with new Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced.
The limited-edition bottle boasts flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.
Enjoy both chilled or warm as a flavourful base for cocktails with your crew or to add some seasonal spice to your rum and cola. Get creative with dollops of ice-cream, unexpected mixers and playful garnishes and don’t worry about it looking perfect, embrace the ugly and get into the spirit.

Up&Go goes dairy free

Three quarters of dairy-free Aussies (72 per cent) have revealed they would be willing to give up something they love for a whole week if it meant they could enjoy their favourite dairy products without fear of suffering for it later.
According to new research from Australian brand, Sanitarium, Up&GO, of the dairy-free Australians who would be willing to give something up, 60 per cent claimed they’d be give up coffee and more than half (54 per cent) would sacrifice their favourite TV/Netflix show – just for a dairy fix.
This has resulted in Up&Go releasing Up&Go dairy-free, which is available in two flavours; Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice.

Tip Top Burger Thins cater for carb-conscious diners

Tip Top Foodservice has launched a new product to the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins, to cater for growing consumer demand for lighter, healthier burger options.
Developed for the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins are a different style of burger bun, thinner than regular burger buns as the name suggests. The Burger Thins weigh only 34 grams whereas a standard burger bun usually weighs in between 70-100 grams.
This reduces the carbohydrate count on any burger for diners on a ‘carb conscious’ diet while also boasting the added benefit of being FODMAP friendly.
The Tip Top Burger Thins are delivered frozen in small cartons with inner packs, designed for those with limited freezer space.
They have a 6-month frozen shelf life, and also defrost quickly so you can thaw as needed, without wasting any stock. Then, once thawed, each inner pack has a shelf life of eight days.

Monster Energy launches sports drink

Monster Energy has launched a new sports focused drink, Superfuel. Suitable for pre-work out power, a mid-session sip or post workout pick me up, Superfuel’s formula is a combination that re-fuels, is replenishing and infused with vitamins.
It has electrolytes for general wellness and B3 + B6 vitamins to aid focus and exercise recovery, Superfuel contains the health benefits of a sports drink, with just enough ‘Monster Magic’ to get you fired up.
Available in stores now, there are four flavours; Tropical Thunder, Purple Passion, Blue Ice and sugar-free, Zero Sugar Fantasy Fruit.

Zomberry yogurt for Halloween

This October Australians will be able to enjoy a limited-edition Halloween treat due to Chobani’s new Zomberry yogurt pot.
Landing on Woolworth’s shelves just in time for Halloween, the yogurt is a healthier alternative to traditional Halloween treats. Zomberry yogurt features grey vanilla yogurt with black sour blackberry fruit.

Monkfruit Maple-flavoured syrup

Lakanto Monkfruit Maple Flavoured Syrup is naturally sweet, containing just two net carbs and 24 calories per 30mL serve.
On average, Maple Flavoured Syrup contains 84 calories per 30ml serve, meaning that Lakanto’s Monkfruit Maple Flavoured Syrup has 60 fewer calories per serve. This makes it suitable for diabetics and healthy eaters alike to enjoy the sweetness of syrup without spiking their glycemic index.
Lakanto’s Monkfruit Maple Flavoured Syrup acts just like any other wet sugar when cooked, meaning it can be used as a direct 1:1 replacement in baking or hot drinks. There’s also no need to worry about the taste, as Monkfruit’s natural sweetness has a similar flavour profile to sugar, unlike many artificial sweeteners.

Wilderbean – pasta alternative made from chickpeas

Melbourne-based start-up Wilderbean announces two Australian firsts – the launch of its 100 per cent Australian grown Chickpea Pasta and its high protein, all natural and vegan Chickpea Mac & Cheeze. Wilderbean is recreating everyone’s favourite pantry staples using Australian grown legumes, to make them as nutritious as they are delicious, keeping taste and the sustainability of their products at the centre of their business.
Just two ingredients
While Wilderbean pasta tastes just like regular pasta, holds its shape and texture, and cooks al dente, it is powerfully different compared to durum wheat pasta. Made from only two Australian grown legumes, chickpeas and mung beans, Wilderbean pasta packs a nutritional punch. It has twice the protein and three times the fibre of regular wheat pasta while being reduced in carbohydrates and gluten free.

Bickford's releases vegan milk range

Beverage manufacturer Bickford’s has launched a vegan-friendly Premium Plant Milk range across Australia.
The five different plant-based milk varieties – Almond, Oat, Cashew, Macadamia and, an Australian first, Pistachio, are all made from over 90 per cent Australian ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or GMOs; and have been created for various ‘milk’ needs throughout the day.
With the sales for milk alternatives in Australia growing 48 per cent to 132 million litres in the past four years, the creation of five plant milk varieties is a natural step in Bickford’s evolution as a result of access to world-class technology to produce high quality ranges.
The  range will be manufactured, bottled and warehoused in the Bickford’s HAACP accredited South Australian Operations Centre.

Coles launches organic wines

Coles Liquor is launching a range of organic, Australian wines within Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland stores across the country. The new range of nine wines has been introduced following global trends that see customers preferencing organic wine, as well as an increase in demand for organic alcohol options in-store.
The range features wines from three Australian wineries – Paxton, Marron Creek and Jacob’s Creek, – who are all focused on promoting biodiversity and creating a product that’s made the way nature intended.
Coles Liquor’s new organic wine collection adds increased variety to Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland’s organic offering, with nine new organic wine options now available.

Coopers catches the Pacific Pale Ale wave

Coopers Brewery has released Pacific Pale Ale, which was formerly called Session Ale and will be available nationally from late October.
Coopers Marketing and Innovation Director, Cam Pearce, said the new look would help make Pacific Pale Ale more distinguishable to consumers seeking a summer-style beer.
“It’s still the same great tasting beer in a blue can but with a new name that we feel better reflects its position in the growing craft beer category,” Pearce said. “We launched Session Ale in late 2017 and it quickly established itself as a popular drink among craft beer enthusiasts. Since then the perception of the overall Session Ale category has evolved to now be more reflective of a mid-strength beer while Pacific has become identifiable with a style reflecting refreshment, flavour and fruitiness.”

Pampelle arrives for summer

Pampelle – the world’s first ruby red grapefruit aperitif – is bringing the French Riviera and the relaxed holiday vibes to your summer drinks.
Crafted on the banks of the River Charente in the Cognac region of France, Pampelle is an artisanal, versatile aperitif capturing the bittersweet essences of the Ruby Red Grapefruit.
With a relatively low 15 per cent ABV and 30 per cent naturally lower in sugar than other  aperitifs, Pampelle is a complex spirit served simply, focussing on the deep flavours of its natural ingredients.
The very literal star of the Pampelle show is the hand-picked Star Ruby Red Grapefruits, which are distilled three ways to make a distinctive and unique flavour profile. First, the grapefruits are halved and macerated until full extraction occurs. Then, to enhance the natural citrus aromas, fresh peels are macerated and distilled in copper. The rubies are then pressed and reduced until they become a deep, velvety red, giving its distinct colour. The distilled grapefruits are then combined with an artisanal infusion of natural botanicals, macerated citrus peels, and Pampelle’s signature Eau-de-Vie, made from grapes that have been fermented and distilled through column stills

Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake released

Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake has arrived in Australia.  Available for a limited time only, Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake is a blend of light fluffy red velvet cupcakes folded into Baileys Original Cream.
Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake (700ml) will be available from mid-October for a limited time at most liquor stores nationwide – until stocks last.

SunRice launches baby cereal

SunRice has introduced its first-ever product in the baby food category, the new SunRice Australian Baby Rice Cereal.
Recommended for babies four months and over, SunRice Baby Rice Cereal provides a source of iron and is made with Australian rice, grown with care locally in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

Rosebank limited edition single malt released

Rosebank Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has announced the first in a series of annual, limited edition, releases – a 30 Year Old 1990 vintage, bottled un-chillfiltered at 48.6 per cent ABV.

Rosebank 30 Year Old is a hand-selected vintage, laid down in 1990, shortly before the distillery’s untimely closure in 1993. The limited-edition bottles will be marked Release One, a nod to this new chapter in Rosebank’s legacy. Each year will see a new limited-edition release, laddering up to the first “new” Rosebank spirit under Ian Macleod Distillers.

Only 4,350 bottles of Rosebank 30-Year-Old will be available to buy worldwide.

Rosebank is also giving its fans and connoisseurs the chance to get more than just a bottle of the rare whisky. The first 200 people to scan the QR code on the neck collar of their Release One bottle will be given the opportunity to enjoy a dram of Release Two at their nearest high-end, luxury bar or whisky retailer in 2021 as well as the chance to receive an early link to purchase Release Two before the general release.

Vacay alcoholic seltzer hits the market

An all-natural, alcoholic seltzer has hit Australian shores. Vacay is 100 per cent Australian-made and owned and the first of its kind to have a sommelier working on its light, crisp, clean flavour.
Research has shown that consumers are looking for options that will improve their overall wellbeing, which is one of the macro trends impacting behaviour and choice, along with taste preferences.
“I noticed a category gap in the current Australian liquor market. From a wellbeing perspective there is no one liquor category that categorically delivers all the consumers wants. Any new drink needs to be ‘better for you’, low in calories, and consumers are seeking hydration as much as refreshment,” said founder James McPhie.
With this in mind, McPhie brought on operations expert Amanda Schafer and sommelier Alex Kirkwood to develop a low calorie, unique and crisp palate to appeal to Aussies.
Brewed off a malt base, Vacay is turned into alcoholic water with the artificial colours and preservatives removed, then infused with all-natural ingredients, and then carbonated.

Plant-based pepperoni slices

Vegie Delights (Life Health Foods) is releasing pepperoni-style slices alongside new versions of its bacon-style rashers and chicken-style slices.
Dean Epps, general manager Life Health Foods Australia said the new pepperoni-style slices were formulated with the sensory experience in mind.
The slices are designed for pizza, home cooked meals, quick entrees or as part of a plant-based platter and are packaged in a new recyclable tray which provides an easy-to-peel format.
Vegie Delights has applied this improved packaging format across the rest of the Deli-style slices range to ensure that they are now all easy to peel. The brand has also developed a new recipe for its chicken-style slices.

McDonalds releases new chicken range

McDonalds will be releasing a new chicken menu featuring four permanent menu options:

  •  McSpicy – a fiery burger so hot it will bring tears to your eyes;
  • Parmi Burger – a seriously saucy burger made with parmigiana and cheese sauce;
  • Chicken Salt Shaker Fries – Macca’s iconic fries shaken up with classic chicken salt seasoning; and
  • McPieces –  pieces of Aussie chicken breast in a golden coating.

McDonald’s chicken menu is made with 100 per cent Australian chicken sourced from local suppliers.