$40,000 50-year-old whisky released

Glengoyne Whisky has announced the launch of its oldest ever expression – a 50 Year Old Highland Single Malt – and is offering whisky lovers a unique opportunity to savour this rare whisky in 2021.
Priced at $40,580 and with only 150 decanters available in the world, the limited-edition single malt is the pinnacle of the distillery’s unhurried and uncompromising approach to whisky making, as Scotland’s slowest distilled malt. After five decades patiently maturing, this exceptional whisky has a richness and depth of aromas and flavours rarely encountered.
Proving that great whisky should be enjoyed whatever its age, Glengoyne has taken the unique decision to give away a special decanter of this incredibly high aged, rare whisky in 2021. After what’s been a difficult and disruptive year across the globe, the distillery will be making a moment with friends or family extra special for one group in 2021.
An online ballot has opened for groups of five or more friends or family to submit an entry alongside a description of their perfect moment for savouring the Glengoyne 50 Year Old together next year. Whether it’s toasting a delayed celebration, or creating an unforgettable reunion, the Glengoyne team will make their special moment a reality, hand-delivering the highly sought-after whisky for one group to enjoy and savour, in good company.
“When we first filled hand-selected oak casks with our sweet, fruity, new make spirit back in the late 1960s, The Beatles were only just breaking up, Richard Nixon was US President, and Sesame Street debuted on television. A lot has changed while we’ve been waiting patiently for this unique release,” Robbie Hughes, Master Distiller at Glengoyne Highland Single Malt, said.
“At Glengoyne we believe that patience is always rewarded. This year we’ve all had to sacrifice spending time with our loved ones or delay celebrations. That’s why we want to make these moments extra special in 2021 with a memorable whisky that, after waiting so long for just the right moment, is truly ready to be opened and savoured.”

Pink Prosecco comes to Australia

A group of Hunter Valley professionals have joined forces to unveil one of the very first drops of Pink Prosecco in Australia, following the green light from the Italian Government.
Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine, and production of the pink version has now been approved in a unanimous vote by Italy’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
With Pink Prosecco launching just in time for Christmas, and with Australia Post expecting unprecedented demand for pre-Christmas deliveries, the team at Gruppetto Vino are encouraging everyone to get their orders in early.

Off the Rails Ale from Latitude 26

The Mary Valley Rattler has partnered with Gympie’s Latitude 26 brewery to supply a specially-branded Off the Rails Ale and Cider for its Rusty Rails Café.
Latitude 26 brewery is located opposite the Gympie Station, from where the ‘Rattler’ departs for their tourism services through the picturesque Mary Valley.
Graham Kidd, owner of Latitude 26, said that Off the Rails Ale is an easy drinking American Pale Ale is a refreshing drink that was ideal for pairing with dishes from the Rattler’s café.
“The brew is made with Mosaic and SAAZ hops and has a complex but restrained malt profile achieved by using a combination of Pils and Pale Ale malts,” said Kidd.
“We then added a portion of wheat to give it a nice creamy texture and a great head, which is sometimes lacking in lighter beers. Finally we blended in a dollop of honey malt, which gives this beer its shimmery amber colour and inviting depth. We used a US-04 yeast to give a nice clean finish to the beer.”

Honeysuckle Distillery launches with Hard Soda & Spritz ranges

Victorian brand Honeysuckle Distillery launches this month, offering two new product ranges: Hard Soda and Spritz. The Hard Soda range is an Aussie spin on the ‘hard seltzer’ trend which has taken the US by storm this past year, and blends an alcoholic base with sparkling water and natural flavouring. The 330ml cans come in natural berry and natural lime flavours.
The Spritz range features three distinct flavour options; Paradise Gin Spritz, Gin Blood Orange and Cinnamon Spritz and Splendid Gin Citrus. All ingredients are natural and locally sourced.

Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime natural blend 

Australian native ingredients supplier, Kakadu Plum Co. has released Vital C+ with Australian Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime.
This blend of 100 per cent natural ingredients is formulated to provide a source of vitamin C and immune supporting benefits. There are no added sweeteners, flavouring, colours or preservatives.
Kakadu Plum is known to have 100 times more vitamin C then oranges and is wild harvested by Indigenous Australians.
Not only incorporating Australia’s hero superfood ingredient, Kakadu Plum, the blend also includes Australian Desert Lime, Mango, Peach, Acerola and Camu Camu, as well as Manuka Honey and Olive Leaf for added antioxidant benefits.

Ice Break Bundaberg Rum Spiced

Following the successful launch of Diageo’s Bundaberg Rum with Ice Break last year in the Queensland market, the brands are back together in 2020 for a new limited-edition flavour, Ice Break Bundaberg Rum Spiced.
The deal sees the partnering of Bundaberg Rum with Ice Break for an iced coffee beverage that will be available in Australian petrol and convenience stores as well as supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths.

Opihr's Oriental Spice Gin

OPIHR’s Oriental Spiced Gin is a London Dry Gin, rooted in the Ancient Spice Route and inspired by the adventurous spirit of merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands. It is made using exotic hand-picked botanicals, herbs and spices of the Orient, including spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and Tellicherry black pepper from India, and coriander from Morocco.

Also available to enjoy this Christmas are pre-mixed Gin & Tonic, and pre-mixed Gin & Tonic with a twist of Orange, both featuring OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin.

Yallamundi Farm eggs expands into Woolies

Announcing its expansion to more supermarkets in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD) and Victoria (VIC), eco-friendly, sustainable, Queensland based egg farmers, Yallamundi Farm has launched its Free Range ‘Pasture-Raised’ eggs in Woolworths stores across Australia’s East Coast.
Yallamundi Farm is dedicated to creating a sustainable future, and continues to transform its farm, so that by 2022, the farm will be 100per cent carbon neutral.
Further to its welfare focused, environmentally friendly, sustainable approach to egg farming, Yallamundi Farm recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, and as a result have partnered with the Doug Hall Foundation, with five cents from every pack of Yallamundi Farm eggs sold being donated to the foundation.

FREE Brewing releases Coast Series 20-21 organic beer

Australian organic beer company, FREE Brewing Co. has released its COAST SERIES 20-21 – four special-edition cans of their refreshing organic lager featuring iconic Australian places and their rugged coastlines.
This release is a first for the organic beer brand and is a collaboration with FREE Brewing Co. ambassador and surfer Brett Burcher.
FREE Brewing Co. and Burcher have chosen four beach locations to showcase through the series, and the release celebrates not only these stunning and wild coastlines, but the communities that make them what they are. The ambition of the campaign is to promote and celebrate local travel and adventures, there are so many places on our coast that are free to explore.
“Burcher’s lifestyle very much captures the essence of FREE Brewing Co. He is a free surfer, school teacher, writer and filmmaker who approaches everything he does with a fearless passion. There are so many incredible places to roam and discover on our vast coastline, but for this series, we’ve worked with Burcher to share some of his favourites – Shipstern Bluff in Tassie, the iconic Bells Beach on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, Margaret River in
Western Australia and his home town of Mollymook on the beautiful NSW South Coast.” says FREE Brewing Co.
As an independent brewer, FREE Brewing Co.’s passion for free brewing flows through to everything they do. The organic lager is free from preservatives, embraces all-natural ingredients and traditional simple brewing method to deliver a beer that’s better for you and the planet. COAST SERIES 20-21 celebrates the beauty of being absolutely free in nature and on the road.

Pure Scot releases canned cocktails

Australian-owned Scotch Whisky, Pure Scot, has launched into the ready to drink category with a bang by announcing two high strength, all natural, premium canned cocktails.
Pure Scot Signature & Tonic is the world’s first ready-to-drink Scotch and tonic.
Pure Scot’s RTDs were designed by the Australian-based team with the help of some of the country’s best bartenders and are mixed at 8 per cent abv to ensure the taste of Pure Scot Whisky is the hero of the drink.

Llanllyr SOURCE launch mixers

Llanllyr SOURCE has announced its launch into Australia for both the on and off-trade markets which will be distributed by Awesome Food Co in December 2020.
The brand’s full range of still and sparkling waters in cans, along with its range of eight natural mixers which use the award-winning Spring Water as its base, will be available nationwide.
Consisting of a Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Fiery Ginger Beer, Bitter Lemon, Lemonade, Ginger Ale & Club Soda, Llanllyr SOURCE’s range of natural mixers can be consumed  both on their own or paired with spirits.

Soulfresh's All Mighty Bruce Future M*lk hits the stands

Soulfresh has released All Mighty Bruce Future M*lk which is a combination of wholegrain oats for creaminess, peas for protein and seaweed for calcium.
“Our team are always pushing boundaries and challenging the norm and All Mighty Bruce Future M*lk is the perfect example of this. We’re excited to bring the future of m*lk to the present and bring to life a m*lk that rivals all others on the market. Future M*lk ticks all the boxes – it’s creamy, it’s delicious, it’s environmentally friendly and nutritionally driven, you won’t ever look back,” said founder of Soulfresh Didi Lo.

Bundaberg Rum teams up with Doctor Proctor

Available in two flavours Rum & Cola and Chilli Rum, Doctor Proctor’s has crafted two Bundaberg Rum-flavoured beef jerky products.
The range is now available in more than 1000 petrol and convenience outlets nationwide including Coles Express nationally, 7 Eleven in Queensland and OTR in South Australia as well as a number of independent liquor retailers.

Upflow Brewing rolls out hypotonic beer

Upflow Brewing Co. has released Australia’s first-ever range of hypotonic sports beers.
Designed to be enjoyed pre-game as well as at half-time or during ‘sports breaks’, the rehydration non-alcoholic beers are available in two styles: Ultra Pale Lager and Classic Pale Ale.
UpFlow’s hypotonic sports beers offer  low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and providing nutrients to support recovery and long-term sustainable high performance.

Buckweaves released by Livwell Emporium

Australian manufacturer Livwell Emporium has released Buckweaves, a plant alternative snack, which uses buckwheat as an ingredient.
To avoid the need to fry the product, Livwell had created a formula for Buckweaves that delivers a  crunchy snack that is baked and flavoured in batches at its manufacturing site in Seaford, Victoria.
To enhance the nutritional offering of the Buckweaves snack, the company also used buckwheat in the ingredients of the innovative new snack. Unlike the name suggests, buckwheat is unrelated to wheat, is gluten free and is part of the rhubarb family.
Buckwheat is also often referred to as a superfood.

Nexba launches six new drinks

Nexba has launched a string of new products into both Coles and Woolworths including sugar and artificial sweetener-free tonic water and iced tea ranges. As well as expanding its best-selling Kombucha range to include fan-favourite flavour, Mango.
They are available in 1L bottles at both Coles and Woolworths. Available in three flavours: Classic / Pear, Jasmine & Hirami Lemon (naturally coloured pink) / Lime, Cucumber & Mint (naturally coloured green). RRP $2.65. The average 1L bottle of tonic water has approximately 22 teaspoons of sugar(!) – Nexba’s has none, naturally.

Chobani releases limited edition yogurt

S’mores Flip is a limited edition yogurt released by Chobani. It features marshmallow-flavoured low-fat yogurt with a side of cookie crumble, milk chocolate and coated rice crisps.
S’mores Flip is just the latest of the yogurt company’s flavour combinations, from the much  Hot Cross Chobunny Flip earlier this year, to the recent Chobani Zomberry Pot packed with ghoulish grey vanilla flavoured low-fat yogurt on a base of sour blackberries.

Limited edition Captain Morgan sails into Australia

Sailing in for some festive fun, Captain Morgan has arrived just in time to spice up summer drinks with new Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced.
The limited-edition bottle boasts flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.
Enjoy both chilled or warm as a flavourful base for cocktails with your crew or to add some seasonal spice to your rum and cola. Get creative with dollops of ice-cream, unexpected mixers and playful garnishes and don’t worry about it looking perfect, embrace the ugly and get into the spirit.

Up&Go goes dairy free

Three quarters of dairy-free Aussies (72 per cent) have revealed they would be willing to give up something they love for a whole week if it meant they could enjoy their favourite dairy products without fear of suffering for it later.
According to new research from Australian brand, Sanitarium, Up&GO, of the dairy-free Australians who would be willing to give something up, 60 per cent claimed they’d be give up coffee and more than half (54 per cent) would sacrifice their favourite TV/Netflix show – just for a dairy fix.
This has resulted in Up&Go releasing Up&Go dairy-free, which is available in two flavours; Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice.

Tip Top Burger Thins cater for carb-conscious diners

Tip Top Foodservice has launched a new product to the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins, to cater for growing consumer demand for lighter, healthier burger options.
Developed for the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins are a different style of burger bun, thinner than regular burger buns as the name suggests. The Burger Thins weigh only 34 grams whereas a standard burger bun usually weighs in between 70-100 grams.
This reduces the carbohydrate count on any burger for diners on a ‘carb conscious’ diet while also boasting the added benefit of being FODMAP friendly.
The Tip Top Burger Thins are delivered frozen in small cartons with inner packs, designed for those with limited freezer space.
They have a 6-month frozen shelf life, and also defrost quickly so you can thaw as needed, without wasting any stock. Then, once thawed, each inner pack has a shelf life of eight days.