Hakuna Matata Frittata

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions offering a full range of simple and tasty products that are ready to heat and serve. Adding to their popular range of omelettes, scrambled and poached eggs, the company’s new flavourful, rustic Frittatas come in two flavours, hearty Vegetable and delicious Asian Chicken and Corn.

Portioned for a lunch or dinner meal, these frittatas are a powerhouse of nutritious vegetables and real farm fresh eggs, with a light and fluffy texture that will be sure to satisfy everyone. The range also includes both a vegetarian and chicken based option to appeal to all palates.

Cooked with real ingredients and snap frozen, the frittatas can be heated and served within minutes and also eliminate the risk of egg contamination, which is especially important when cooking large scale quantities. Additionally, reduced overheads and shorter cook times mean a better bottom line for your business in terms of profitability and time to plate.

As well as being gluten free, having no artificial colours or flavours and being HACCP certified, these new frittatas mean no mess and no waste, making them the smart choice for serving egg based meals.



Icelandic Glacial Water

Icelandic Glacial is the premium natural spring water, bottled at the source from Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring, which was formed more than 5,000 years ago and is shielded from pollution by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock.

The spring produces water is so pure that nothing is added or taken away. As a result, Icelandic Glacial possesses exceptional balance featuring a naturally low mineral content and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.4.

Icelandic Glacial is further distinguished as the world’s first certified carbon neutral natural spring bottled water for product and operation. Icelandic Glacial uses 100% natural green energy to fuel its production delivering a premium bottled water to discerning consumers around the world while maintaining a “net zero” carbon footprint.

Icelandic Glacial produces both sparkling and natural spring water.

Manufacturer: Icelandic Glacial

Launch date: July 2016

Ingredients: Natural Spring Water & Carbon Dioxide

Shelf Life: 2 Years from Production Date

Packaging: PET Range: 330ml, 500ml, 750ml Sports Cap, 1 Litre & 1.5 Litre

Country of origin: Iceland

Brand Website: www.betterchoicebeverageco.com.au

Almond milk in single serve format

Almond Breeze is launching a range of flavoured almond milks in a single serve offering into the retail market.

Set to hit the shelves in petrol stations and convenience stores from late September, the range has been developed in Australia and will be available in three flavours: chocolate, coffee and coconut.

According to the company, with less than 100 calories per serve and low in saturated fat, this format has been created to appeal to women seeking a healthy alternative.

Almond milk is the fastest growing milk in the non-dairy category and in just a few years has overtaken soy in terms of $ sales1 for the first time.

“In research our consumers told us they were enjoying Almond Breeze at home and in cafes, and were also seeking a convenient option to enjoy on the go or whenever the impulse grabs them. Our new single serve format is the perfect solution for busy women when they’re out and about,” said Roger Ringwood, Country Director for Almond Breeze Australia & New Zealand.


Coca-Cola launches LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon

Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon, a brand new formulation which is being introduced to shift the perception of the Lemon Flavour offerings in market.

The new product offers Aussies a full bodied lemon drink with sharper taste, more bite and a sugar content now at 8.4g/100ml. LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon is tailored specifically for the Australian market and will replace the current LIFTdrink.

In the last three years, ‘Flavour’ offerings have been steadily growing Coca-Cola’s share of the carbonated soft drink category and the brand has identified an avenue to further capitalise on this by driving growth among consumers of Lemon products. This opportunity is borne from consumer insights that demonstrate a disconnect between what is available to Lemon consumers and what they really want.

As a result, LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon has been designed to disrupt the market by providing a bolder, better taste. The superior strength and bitterness of the drink is intended to appeal primarily to males aged 35 and above, with the overarching campaign encouraging consumers to ‘ditch the soft stuff’ and opt for LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon.

To encourage trial and raise awareness, the launch will be supported by a fully integrated multi-million dollar marketing campaign that includes multi-channel executions across social media, digital platforms, out-of-home and in-store retail activations.

In addition, Coca-Cola has partnered with the AFL and Triple M as part of a strategy to connect with sports fans and reinforce the product’s Hard Hitting proposition. Sampling activity will also take place at a number of major sporting stadiums across the country, including the MCG, SCG and GABBA, as well as at the AFL Grand Final live site, to put the product into the hands of sports fans.


Premixed cocktails

These premixed cocktails are convenient, delicious, and handmade. Available for wholesale.

The range includes:

No 44 – A traditional French aperitif. A combination of orange, coffee beans and vanilla vodka. Pour 65 ml over ice, add an orange twist.

Spiced Negroni – A blend of Spiced Gin, Campari and Vermouth Rossi. Pour 65 ml over ice add an orange twist.

Peach Manhattan – A twist on the classic much loved Manhattan with Peach Brandy, White Vermouth and Bitters. Pour 65 ml over ice add a twist.

Kir Cocktail – A traditional French aperitif made with Crème de Cassis and white Burgundy. Pour 65 ml over ice add a twist.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Packaging: 200 mil bottles

Product Manager: Fikadu Acknaw

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website: peterwatson.com.au

Natural Raw C Coffee + Coconut water

Natural Raw C is the only 100% organic Arabica coffee + coconut water on the market – this vegan friendly, dairy/gluten/fat free beverage provides you with the natural boost you crave anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect healthy and delicious pick-me-up.

Product Manufacturer: Natural Raw C

Launch date: 12.09.2016

Ingredients: Coconut water, coconut flower nectar, 100% arabica coffee extract, natural flavour.

Shelf Life: 18 months

Packaging: Tetra

Product Manager: Elyse Elmer

Country of origin: Thailand

Brand Website: rawc.com.au


Easy-to-use squeezable dips and aiolis

Chris’ Dips has launched new, easy-to-use squeezable dips and aiolis in a 1kg Food Service range.

The new Saucier Chef Range puts that final professional touch to a meal – whether it’s a dollop on the side, or drizzle on the top of any dish, the range takes the current traditional dips to an easy finishing off format.

The range is available for order from September 2016. The Food Service squeezable bottle range offers four of Chris’ most popular traditional dip flavours including Hommus and Avocado.

The new selection of Aiolis includes four enticing flavours including Wasabi Aioli and Gherkin & Mustard Aioli. All freshly prepared the new range comes in 1kg easy-squeeze bottles for convenient application that enhances almost any meal.

The range is both gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Professional chefs and cooks will agree the restaurant quality of both flavour and texture will make them look good when applying to any dish that leaves their kitchen.


Gatorade launches its world-first liquid concentrate

Gatorade is revolutionising hydration options for Australians with the introduction of new Gatorade Liquid Concentrate, a thirst-quenching and easy source of hydration for athletes.

Available in Woolworths, the 1 litre Gatorade Liquid Concentrate is available in two flavours – Blue Bolt and Lemon Lime – and will make 5 litres of Gatorade by adding water.  It is on shelves in Woolworths, and will be rolled out with other independent retailers over the next few months.

This launch is backed up with digital advertising, out of home, a social media campaign and a range of in-store activations and display support.

“Gatorade Liquid Concentrate is a world first for the brand and it’s going to change the way teams and individuals hydrate to ensure they perform at their best. This product has all the Gatorade benefits in a new convenient format, with the backing of over 50 years of scientific research,” said PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand Senior Director Franchise Beverages, Brad Van Dijk.


Curo Alkaline Water

Curo Lifestyle was born from a vision, to empower others to take control of their health naturally.

Curo is naturally occurring alkaline water bottled at the source in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This water is rich in alkaline minerals that help neutralise toxins and flush them out of your body to leave you feeling lighter and full of energy.

Available in 600ml and 1.5L sizes.

Manufacturer: Jo Hancock Investments

Launch date: 01/07/16

Ingredients: Natural alkaline water

Bicarbonate 224mg/L

Calcium 62mg/L

Magnesium 12mg/L

Potassium <1mg/L

Chloride 3mg/L

Sodium 8mg/L

Silica 19.7mg/L

pH 8.19

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of bottling

Packaging: Biodegradable, BPA, BPS free PET bottles

Product Manager: Thomas Cho

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website: www.curolifestyle.com.au


New ice cream treats from Bulla

Bulla Dairy Foods is celebrating summer this year with an tasty selection of ice cream varieties for the whole family.

The company is bringing an authentic twist with the launch of four brand new varieties as part of its commitment to bringing fun to the freezer and celebrating an Australian summer.

The new products include:

  • Choc Bar Jelly Top – a nod to the classic Australian flavour combination of raspberry jelly and ice cream, covered in a delicious milk choc coating.
  • Jelly Splits – which combine a traditional zingy raspberry jelly covered in a refreshing icy lemonade shell.
  • The Frozen Greek Style Yoghurt range, available in cones, mini sticks and tub flavours, combine a smooth and creamy texture with the distinctive tanginess of Greek yoghurt, creating an indulgent refreshing treat, perfect for balmy summer evenings.
  • Creamy Classics Choc Hazelnut Spread – which captures the flavour combination of the moment in a deliciously decadent choc hazelnut flavoured ice cream

Jam ‘Doughkie’ cookie

Fresh off celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Byron Bay Cookie Company will be back at the Fine Food Show in Melbourne from 12-15 September, and will be releasing a new limited edition flavour exclusive to the food expo.

Inspired by the iconic Jam Doughnut, the limited-edition flavour developed by the pioneers behind Australia’s Original Café Cookie is a cross between a cookie and a doughnut, and as such aptly named Jam Doughkie.

“As Australia’s largest food expo, the Fine Food Show is the perfect platform for us to launch such a product, as it attracts visitors from different channels, across foodservice, hospitality and retail” explained Emilie Emond, Marketing Manager.

The special edition cookie combines real doughnut pieces with juicy strawberry jam inclusions, with a hole in the middle to complete the ‘doughkie’ look.

The new cookie is only available at the Fine Food Show at the Byron Bay Cookie Company Stand from 12-15 September, where free samples will be handed out. Visitors of the Byron Bay Cookie Company stand (G35) will also be able to enjoy a complimentary coffee with their Jam Doughkie, thanks to Melbourne’s Evoke Coffee blend.

Japanese curry mix

Saori 100% natural Japanese curry mix is Ideal for making Katsu (Japanese cutlets) Curry, Udon noodle curry or regular Japanese curry (recipes on website).

Saori Kojima created her range of healthy and delicious sauces and seasonings so that anybody can enjoy a large variety of quick and easy Japanese dishes.

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy fine Japanese meals anymore. You can make them in the comfort your own home, anytime you like.

The curry mix is –

  • 100% natural
  • Gluten free
  • Onion, garlic free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Manufacturer: Saori Premium Japanese sauce

Launch date: July 2016

Ingredients: vegetable oil, rice flour, raw sugar, curry powder, sea salt, potato powder, yeast extract, fruit (apple, pineapple, tomato powder), spice mix

Shelf Life: 12 months

Packaging: 150g bag

Product Manager: Saori Kojima

Website: www.saorijapanesesauce.com.au

Summer snacking made easy

Funch’s range of premixes has done to healthy snacks what the cake mix did to baking cakes.

The company is now offering their Funch Staples which include all the additional, individual ingredients required to make their protein balls, bars and slices, packaged in convenient, pre-weighed pouches.

Maintaining the focus on quality was critical when sourcing the ingredients, all of which are premium grade, and free of additives and preservatives.

The new products include organic Rice Malt Syrup, raw organic cold-pressed Coconut Oil and fresh, premium-grade Medjool Dates.

The range includes:

  • Protein Balls: Salted Caramel, Vanilla & Coconut (gluten free), Cacao & Chia, Matcha & Cacao, Almond & Cacao (gluten free), Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon Paleo Ball (gluten free)
  • No Bake Superfood Slice; Almond, Coconut & Cacao (gluten free)
  • Superfood Muesli Bar; Coconut, Cacao & Chia
  • Staple Ingredients; Rice Malt Syrup, Coconut Oil, Medjool Dates

Cacao Tea

Loose leaf chocolate tea made from 100% cacao husk with no artificial colours, flavourings or additives. A cup of this delicate chocolate infusion is filled with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that will nourish and uplift.

Perfect for that 3.30pm afternoon slump, as an after dinner treat or in your morning smoothies. A great alternative to coffee or chocolate.

 Manufacturer: kkäo Co.

Launch date: 28th July 2016


  • 100% Natural Cacao Husk
  • Caffeine Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Artificial Additives
  • Ethically Sourced

Shelf Life: 1 year

Packaging: Zip Lock Pouch

Brand Website: kkao.co


Pickled vegetable range with ‘lift and drain’ packaging

Adelaide food producer Spring Gully Foods has launched a range of pickled vegetables packaged in innovative ‘lift and drain’ baskets.

The range, which is available nationally through Coles, includes Australian grown and processed cucumbers, pickled onions, olives and capsicums.

The lift and drain packaging, in which the products sits in a basket without a container, is an Australian first for this category. The basket can be lifted from the liquid to allow easy use.

“We last processed Australian gherkins about 25 years ago when they were grown by commercial grape growers in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley as a secondary crop,” said Spring Gully’s Managing Director Kevin Webb.

“Since then we have been sourcing them from overseas. However, we recently signed a multi-year agreement with a large commercial market gardener at Virginia, north of Adelaide and will receive around 300 tonnes of fresh cucumbers this year. This volume is anticipated to increase year on year.”

Coles General Manager Grocery, Neil Lake said the supermarket is passionate about innovation and supporting Australian businesses to innovate and grow.

“We are proud to work with Spring Gully Foods to grow their business and develop new products for our customers to try. Their focus on innovation has led to these new products being the only items packaged in plastic containers in the category, making it easier and more convenient than ever for Australians to enjoy some of their favourites,” he said.

Loving earth updates pantry range

Loving Earth, the Melbourne chocolate company, known for its bean to bar chocolate made from raw cacao, has updated the branding of its pantry range.

The decision came after the company’s rebrand of its organic, vegan chocolate and Buckini breakfast range last year. The intention of this packaging refresh was to bring their pantry range more into line with the aesthetic of the new look.

This is also the first unveiling of the companies’ updated mantra ‘Food is Sacred’, replacing ‘Healthy Sustainable Fair’ on all packaging.

“As a company we believe food is sacred; it is the reason Loving Earth exists and we want to lead with that in all we do. We are still a company that creates healthy products, in a sustainable manner, with the intention of supporting indigenous growers with fair trade,” said Martha Butler, Creative Director and co-owner of Loving Earth.

“Rebranding the pantry range was the next step in bringing all our products under the same roof. As with the initial rebrand, we want to keep evolving as a company and challenging ourselves to keep up-to-date with our philosophy and all the iterations of that.”

Loving Earth is stocked in most health food and independent organic stores nationwide, as well as across New Zealand, and the UK.



Beemster Dutch gouda cheese

Beemster, a premium gouda cheese renowned for its rich and creamy taste has been launched in Australia.

Made in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, ‘The Beemster’ in North Holland, its delicious taste is the direct result of ideal farming conditions and practices.

Made from local farming cooperatives since 1901, the Beemster family now consists of 175 employees and 460 farmers. The cheese aims to be the most environmentally-friendly cheese maker in the world and is dedicated to sustainability and free-range farming.

The cheese is aged in historic warehouses for between one month for a mild taste and up to 26 months for a more robust taste. The range includes Mild, Medium, Aged, Classic, X-O- and Royaal, each aged for a distinctive flavour, suited to accompany different beverages and foods.

The Beemster region has unique mineral-rich soil, which results in smooth and sweet milk and the creamiest Gouda cheese in Holland. The Beemster is considered the first and most famous polder in Holland, a low-lying land area surrounded by dykes and windmills, which creates pastures ideal for cattle to feed on.

The Beemster Polder is largely unchanged since 1901 and was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, formally recognising and protecting the region. The small herds of cattle graze freely and have free-range access to the pastures.

The company has been recognised as Holland’s most distinguished cheesemaker by being made a supplier to the Royal Court of the Netherlands, the highest honour for a cheese company in Holland. In 2001 The company was given the right to use “Royal Warrant”, an honour reserved for exceptional Dutch businesses that are over a century old.

The cheese is imported in Australia through Angeles Fine Foods, an independent importer, wholesaler and distributor of premium gourmet food products.


Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale

Coopers Brewery is celebrating the 60th birthday of its Managing Director and Chief Brewer, Dr Tim Cooper, by releasing limited edition 440ml cans of his eponymous beer, Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale.

Dr Cooper turned 60 in June and to help celebrate the milestone, the company is producing 20,000 cases of Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale in the 440ml can format. It is the first time that Coopers has released a 440ml can.

It is envisaged they will be available at the same price as the standard 375ml cans and are expected to be in stock in major retailers across Australia later this month (August).

National Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Cam Pearce, said Coopers had been keen to celebrate Dr Cooper’s birthday with customers.

“Members of Dr Cooper’s brewing team suggested that a special edition can of Dr Tim’s would be a suitable recognition,” he said.

“The decision was made for this to be a 440ml can, to be sold at the same price as the 375ml can.”

Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale was first produced in 2004 as an experiment to see whether Coopers ales, which undergo secondary fermentation, could be successfully packaged in cans.

Coopers’ packaging company, Amcor (now Orora), provided cans for this experiment with Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale already printed on them.

This resulted in what the brewery calls an “accidental product” which has since developed its own dedicated following. For many years, sales of Dr Tim’s were restricted to South Australia, but it is now available nationally.

The technical success of Dr Tim’s resulted in Coopers releasing Coopers Mild Ale 3.5% later in 2004 in both cans and bottles. It is thought that these two products are the only ones in the world to undergo secondary fermentation in the can.

Pink grapefruit & mint natural energy drink

Level Beverages has added 28 BLACK – Pink Grapefruit Mint as the newest addition to their taurine free collection of energy drinks.

Hitting the shelves in September, this flavour not only looks and tastes great but will also give back to the community, with 10 cents per can sold being donated to the McGrath Foundation, the charity which raises money for Breast Care Nurses.

According to the company, the product is a premium and less synthetic energy drink, a better for you alternative. Key differences between 28 BLACK and other energy drinks on the market include:

  • Taurine free
  • Natural caffeine
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan friendly

“What’s even better than the delicious pink grapefruit and mint combination is the fact that 28 BLACK energy drinks are free of preservatives and artificial colours! The drinks also don’t contain the amino acid Taurine – this is great because some people can experience nasty side effects when Taurine is combined with caffeine and sugar in energy drinks. It’s true, not all energy drinks are bad for you,” commented Nutritionist Heidi Meyer.


Natural seasoning blends

Mingle’s range of natural seasonings now includes six savoury blends and one sweet blend, all without any nasties, sugars, chemical fillers, calories or high amounts of salt.

Carefully crafted to appeal to everyday Australians, the handcrafted blends cater to those who appreciate a kick of chilli or crave those classic garlic and herb flavours.

The seasoning’s distinct flavour profiles and personality allows home cooks, the health conscious and parents to add flavour to their food worry-free, to enjoy nutritious meals and snacks full of flavour.

They also cater to vegan, gluten free, paleo, sugar free, preservative free, and fructose free diets.

The range includes:

Sofia – Spicy

Ingredients include Garlic, Onion, Kashmiri Chilli Pepper, Cumin Powder, Sweet Paprika, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano and Parsley.

Sass – Smokey

Sass is made up of Onion, Garlic, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Coriander, Smoked Paprika, All Spice and Thyme.

Sammy – All purpose

This blend includes Onion, Garlic, Cumin Powder, Sweet Paprika, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Mustard, Coriander, Roasted Chilli Powder, Thyme, Oregano, Basil Leaves and Parsley.

Siena – Garlic and Herb

Siena includes Garlic, Onion, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Coriander, Roasted Chilli Powder, Basil Leaves, Thyme, Mustard, Smoked Paprika and Parsley.

Sally – Ranch

Sally’s ingredients include Garlic, Onion, Dill Tips, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Parsley Flakes and Basil Leaves.

Sahara – Moroccan (Fructose Free)

Sahara is made up of Cumin Powder, Ginger Powder, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Coriander Powder, All Spice, Sweet Paprika, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Clove and Parsley Leaves.

Stella – Coconut & Cacao (Sweet Blend)

Ingredients include Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconut Nectar and Sea Salt.