Cereplast reveals new bioplastics symbol

Posted by Rita Mu

A new symbol representing packaging products made from bioplastics has been revealed.

The symbol, designed by graphic design student Laura Howard at the University of Louisville in the United States, was discovered by Cereplast’s Make Your Mark design competition.

Howard was awarded $25,000 for her winning design.

According to Cereplast, the design of the new symbol enables it to be easily identifiable on products, even when embossed on a plastic bottle.

The company’s Make Your Mark competition, which was modelled after the 1970 contest that produced the globally recognised recycling symbol, received more than1500 design entries and 2.8 million public votes which determined the top 200 designs.

The panel of judges narrowed the top 200 down to three contenders and, after a multi-tiered judging process, selected the winning symbol.

"We are excited to congratulate Laura Howard for designing a symbol that has the potential to become a revolutionary logo representing the next generation of plastics — plastics that protect and preserve our environment and are made from renewable resources,” said Frederic Scheer, Chairman and Chief Executive of Cereplast.

“The new bioplastic symbol will be used in a similar fashion to the recycling symbol as it will be stamped on products, and it will serve as an identifying mark of bioplastic material.

"Petroleum-based plastics can have a devastating impact on our environment. Approximately 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year. At these quantities, we could wrap the entire planet several times over. Bioplastics offer a more respectful option for our environment, and we believe that this new symbol will help provide consumers with the tools they need to make more environmentally intelligent purchasing decisions," Scheer said.

Image: Laura Howard’s winning bioplastics symbol, Source: Cereplast.com

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