CHEP turns insights into meals

CHEP has committed to making donations to Foodbank on behalf of its customers who agreed to participate in a market insights interview.

CHEP interviewed a range of food retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies and 8,000 additional meals will be going to people who might otherwise have gone hungry.

Foodbank works with over 700 Australian partners including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, who contribute food and groceries. In 2014, for the first time, Foodbank distributed more than 30 million kilograms of food across Australia – the equivalent of 40 million meals or 110,000 meals per day. In 2014, CHEP Australia providing Foodbank with more than $900,000 of in-kind support

CEO of Foodbank Australia, Jason Hincks, said “CHEP’s support underpins our operations – without it we wouldn’t be able to get food to where it’s needed most. This latest act of generosity by CHEP and its customers is just another example of how they are always looking to go that extra step to help us in our goal of fighting hunger in Australia.”

President of CHEP Asia-Pacific, Phillip Austin, said “Today’s donation is an extension of the support we, and our customers, give to Foodbank throughout the year. We appreciated our customers taking time to participate in the research to help us better meet their needs, and being able to make a donation on their behalf is our way of saying thank you.”


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