Coles partners with Perfection Fresh to launch healthy eating campaign

Supermarket giant Coles has launched a new healthy eating campaign in conjunction with one of Australia’s best known marketers for fresh fruit and vegetables, Perfection Fresh.  

The campaign which is inclusive of the new Hatters Vegetables brand is designed to encourage the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables through the use of an interactive website and the use of a quirky cartoon vegetable expert named Livingstone R. Rabbit, who educates on the importance of seasonal vegetables and offers tasty recipes.

The move has been welcomed by the Produce Marketing Association Australia and New Zealand, with Michael Worthington, CEO of PMA Australia-New Zealand stating that the campaign will undoubtedly encourage the public to consume more fresh produce.

 “Now more than ever the fresh produce industry needs to apply clever marketing and promotional measures to encourage Australian consumers to eat their recommended daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Worthington.

“With increased touch points available to consumers across a range of mediums, innovation in how retailers communicate with shoppers is a welcome and positive move that can only mean good things for the industry.”

Worthing says that the campaign has the capacity to change of eating habits of the public and pave the way for a healthier community.

“It’s fantastic to see two PMA A-NZ members, Coles and Perfection Fresh, involved in a pioneering move that will pave the way for growers, distributers and retailers in the future,” said Worthington.


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