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Dilmah Ice Tea

Product name: Dilmah Ice Tea

Product manufacturer: Dilmah Tea

Ingredients: Ceylon Tea

Shelf life: Six months from date of delivery to the market

Packaging: PET bottles

Brand website: https://www.dilmah.com.au/

What the company says
Dilmah is excited to announce the launch of its refreshing new ice tea concentrate range now available in Qantas Club and Business Lounges Australia wide.

Made using only the freshest tea leaves, harvested and processed at the Dilmah Tea Garden in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, this new range is the only ice tea available in Australia that is made from 100 percent pure Ceylon, Single Estate tea.

The Dilmah ice tea range is manufactured on site at the tea garden, without using any chemical processing aids, making this tea rich in antioxidants and full of natural goodness. The freshly picked tea leaves are transformed into a tea concentrate using state of the art manufacturing facilities which ensure the freshness is locked in, the goodness is retained and the ice tea always tastes of real garden fresh Ceylon Tea.

The new Dilmah ice tea is now available in Qantas Club and Business Lounges in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide airports in Mixed Berry, Lemon & Lime and Peach & Pear flavours.


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