‘Ethical and sustainable’ Fair Açaí Liqueur

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Fair, a sprits brand which markets itself as ‘socially responsible’, has unveiled a new liqueur made using açaí – a ‘superfood’ berry from the Amazon rainforest.

Fair Açaí Liqueur is made using açaí berries from the Amazon rainforest. This berry contains antioxidants, fibre and heart-healthy fats that are claimed to be good for the skin, hair and metabolism.

The sugar used in the liqueur is organically grown and sourced from a Fairtrade co-op in Malawi.

Essence of the berries is extracted through a maceration process. Then follows a slow and progressive reduction by adding the raw sugar juice and a Fairtrade neutral spirit. The water used is sourced from the Cognac region of France, where the liqueur is also bottled.

Açaí Liqueur will be launching at the upcoming Good Food & Wine Show in Melbourne on 2 June and distribution across NSW and VIC is underway.