New Cold Chain Logistics Technology – Exclusive Global Product Launch


New Cold Chain Logistics Technology


Exclusive Global Product Launch


FEMC Australia Pty Ltd will be unveiling their latest product release in Melbourne on Friday 22 September.

The global markets for food, medicine and perishable items are growing at an impressive rate, with consumers in all corners of the globe expecting availability, prompt delivery, and a visible supply chain.

Food is perhaps the most challenging export for any country, as it necessitates precise delivery timings, strict customs compliance and sophisticated and reliable technology to maintain freshness and prevent contamination – with no margin for error.

With demountable intermodal refrigerated containers in a variety of sizes, FEMC Australia Pty Ltd offers a solution for all businesses in the cold chain logistics sector.

This is your opportunity to be present at this special occasion as we unveil and introduce these exciting products to industry and government delegates from China and Australia.

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  • Start : 03:00PM 22/09/2017
  • End : 05:00PM 22/09/2017
  • Where :