Food industry gets advice on labelling standards

Posted by Rita Mu

The Parliamentary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King, today announced the start of a new service designed to help the food industry interpret the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

King said the Code Interpretation Service (CIS) was designed to give businesses advice on Chapters 1 and 2, which focuses on food labelling, composition and contamination.

“The food industry in Australia operates in a complex, layered regulatory environment, with many agencies involved and varied circumstances in each state and territory,” King said.

“Interpreting and implementing the Food Standards Code can place significant regulatory imposts and cost burdens on the food industry. This service seeks to reduce that burden by providing a single source of advice on an issue that can be applied across the country.

“Under these new arrangements, businesses seeking to comply with the Code will have a central point from which they can seek interpretive advice. All advice will be published and will be adopted and applied by all state and territory food regulatory agencies.”

The CIS, which will operate in Australia only, was agreed to in February 2011 by the Council of Australian Governments.

The CIS Service will be provided on a fee for service basis. State, territory and New Zealand officials can also provide advice on the Code. 

For more information visit the FSANZ website or contact the Parliamentary Secretary’s Office on 02 6277 4230.

Image: foodauthority.nsw.gov.au

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