Tetra Pak launches Customer Innovation Centre


Food processing and packaging solutions company Tetra Pak has launched its first Asia-based Customer Innovation Centre (CIC) in Singapore, to address the evolving needs of the fast-growing Asian markets.

This Centre will help the region’s food and beverage manufacturers uncover growth opportunities, accelerate and enhance product innovation to create winning solutions for their brands.

Located at the Tetra Pak Jurong site, the new CIC was custom-made to bring together Tetra Pak’s infrastructure, expertise and processes to help customers ideate and evaluate products across the entire value chain. Equipped with the latest tools and technologies, the Centre is designed to facilitate brainstorming, prototype product formulations, customise packaging designs and finally refine the product until its full-scale market launch.

“The Asia region is dynamic and rapidly growing, yet increasingly complex. The market has proliferating consumer segments and need states, with more competition, rapid technological advancements and increasing cross-border trade. Which means that brand owners require stronger focus on customisation, innovation and speed-to-market,” said BertJan Post, Vice President Marketing and Product Management, Tetra Pak South Asia, East Asia & Oceania.

“The Singapore CIC was created to partner with our customers in addressing these challenges. Part of Tetra Pak’s Marketing Services, the CIC provides customers the entire innovation journey under one roof, significantly increasing the speed and probability of their success.

The Marketing Services approach follows a customised, collaborative innovation journey tailored to individual customer ambitions and needs. Subject matter experts from across the world are involved, leveraging the company’s portfolio of packages, services and other solutions showcased at the CIC.

“We are excited that Australian and New Zealand brand owners will be able to take advantage of CIC, to work with Tetra Pak’s experts to develop innovative and profitable new products.  In particular, we want to help our customers understand the opportunities opening up in Asia, and to learn how they can supply to these new export markets. This will enable them to develop new leading edge products and increase their market presence both locally and internationally,” says Craig Salkeld, Managing Director Oceania, Tetra Pak.

The Singapore CIC is the third in Tetra Pak’s expanding global network of CICs, after Denton (USA) and Dubai (UAE).” The launch of the Singapore facility reaffirms our dedication to providing a full spectrum of solutions for our customers to support their success in the market place,” concludes BertJan.