Foodpro 2011 update: Innovative glass packaging from O-I

At Foodpro 2011, the Australian international food processing exhibition, Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world’s largest glass container manufacturer, will showcase the latest innovations in safe, pure and sustainable glass packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries.

With expertise in design and production, O-I specialises in supplying high quality glass packaging for the beer, wine, spirit, non-alcoholic beverage, food and ready-to-drink segments.

A highlight at this year’s Foodpro, O-I plans to showcase its new Australian-made Bueno glass food jar range offering 24 options designed to preserve the flavour and freshness of food including fruit, vegetables, dairy and seafood. The versatile Bueno range is available in three designs, two sizes and is designed to be used on existing production lines.

The range features four tamper evident closure systems including a plastic cap, foil lid, pop-top metal cap and screw-top metal cap, all suited to a variety of foods and occasions.

In addition, O-I will feature its recently launched 750mL glass bottle for the milk industry.
The new glass bottle, which is also suitable for other non-alcoholic beverages, has been specially designed to fit standard Australian and New Zealand milk crates ensuring convenient storage and transport.

The only Australian manufactured glass olive oil bottles, the Marasca olive oil range, will also be on display. Available in Classic Green 500mL and 750mL bottles, the Marasca olive oil range features a premium European look and includes an olive oil closure friendly finish.

O-I’s glass packaging is made from all-natural materials including sand, limestone and soda ash combined with recycled glass. Each O-I glass container undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure the highest quality.

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