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Galliano’s Ristretto liqueur

Product name: Ristretto

Product manufacturer: Galliano

Ingredients: Sugar, coffee, alcohol, brandy, colouring agent:E150, natural flavours. Galliano Ristretto uses a blend of natural Arabica (55%) and Robusta (45%) coffee beans

Shelf life: Forever

Packaging: 500mL tall glass bottle, inspired by the columns of the Ancient Temples of Rome

Product manager: Cheryl Tang

Website: www.galliano.com/en/galliano/ristretto

What the company says
Galliano, the sophisticated Italian liqueur of choice, is thrilled to announce the world’s first Ristretto liqueur will be a proud new addition to its decadent portfolio.

The term Ristretto equates to a shot and a half of espresso, rich and strong in flavour. Its deep, intense and unforgettable taste is due to the beautiful aromatic depth and balance of the Galliano, blended with a dynamic coffee note.

Many coffee liqueurs contain only Arabica coffee beans or artificial coffee flavouring. Galliano Ristretto uses a blend of natural Arabica (55%) and Robusta (45%) coffee beans, resulting in a pure and natural coffee taste, enhancing the coffee flavour and adding a strong, bitter aroma. This unique adaption captures the strong and invigorating essence of a traditional ristretto.

Ristretto is a reminder of the strength and versatility of the Galliano brand. It can be served on ice, with a mixer or used in cocktails, with its versatility ranging from a simple cocktail to more complex. Between the chocolate and creamy taste of the Arabica beans, and the strong and bitter notes from the Robusta, Galliano Ristretto provides the ultimate balance of flavour for the perfect Espresso Martini.


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