Genetically modified source of asparaginase safe: FSANZ

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today called for submissions on a new microbial source for asparaginase sourced from a genetically modified strain of Bacillus subtilis.

FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said FSANZ had assessed the Application to include the asparaginase preparation as a permitted processing aid.

“Asparaginase can be used to reduce the risk of acrylamide formation in food which can occur when certain starchy foods are cooked or processed,” McCutcheon said.

“Acrylamide formation occurs when certain foods are fried or roasted including potatoes, coffee, and cereal-based products.

“FSANZ has concluded that there are no public health and safety issues associated with using the enzyme preparation as a food processing aid.”

All FSANZ decisions on standards are notified to ministers responsible for food regulation. The ministers can decide to adopt, amend, or reject standards or they can ask for a review.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 31 July 2015.


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