J.C.’s Quality Foods celebrates 20 years and 1000 products

This month J.C.’s Quality Foods celebrates its 20th anniversary and the milestone of having more than 1000 different products in its catalogue.

J.C.’s is an Australian-owned company manufacturing and packing nuts, dried fruit and other ingredients in Australia for independent retailers, with products are available in more than 6,000 outlets around Australia and exported to six Asian countries including China.

Managing director and founder of J.C.’s Quality Foods, Joseph Cannatelli, is passionate about supplying independent businesses. He said all J.C.’s branded products are sold through greengrocers and independent supermarkets, service stations and convenience stores, Officeworks, vending machines and provided on Australian domestic airlines.

“Underpinning every aspect in our business is loyalty. To our customers firstly, who are small business owners, to Australian growers who supply nuts and dried fruits and thirdly to the consumers who are loyal to the brand.”

Cannatelli started the business in 1994 with one product — a fruit bar — and his parents’ 1980 Commodore as a delivery vehicle, but now employs 125 people who work from two facilities.

“Innovation is a keystone to business success with new products introduced on a regular basis. Our most recent new product range, J.C.’s Snack Packs, has been really well accepted by our retailers and their customers. We are continually innovating with new product categories and line extensions.”

J.C.’s has stuck with the old-fashioned way of selling, with sales representatives who visit each shop or store and do an audit of stock, see what needs ordering, talk to the owner about new products and recommend any changes.

“I’m very appreciative of our customers’ support and we say to them: you worry about your core business, let us look after the nuts and dried fruits. Our goal is to make sure they don’t have to worry about them. We provide them with products that their customers love and we help them increase sales,” Cannatelli said.

The company has expanded to offer to “grab and go” snack packs in convenience stores, service stations, Officeworks, airlines and vending machines.

 “People are spending more on health food, so we are growing our brand and products in this market. We’ve had LSA mix and cranberries for years, but have now added chia seeds, quinoa, goji berries, incaberries and other healthy ingredients,” Cannatelli said.


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