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Little tin with a big mission: Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna

Product: Skipjack Tuna
Manufacturer: Fish 4 Ever
Ingredients: Sustainably- fished Skipjack Tuna, Water, Salt
Shelf Life: 18 months
Packaging: Santa Catarina Industria
Product Manager: Rafaella Scorretti
Website: www.fish4ever.co.uk

What the company says

Here’s one for the good guys! Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna, for the second year running has been rated by international environmental watchdog Greenpeace, as Australia’s most sustainable tuna in its Canned Tuna Guide.

Fish 4 Ever’s pole and line caught skipjack tuna received a score of 89% in the latest survey and received praise from Greenpeace for pioneering sustainable tuna in Australia, setting the benchmark for the Australian market and for remaining a world leader in fair and environmentally sound sourcing of tuna.

Fish 4 Ever is distributed by First Ray, an Australian company and family business that promotes organic, fair trade and sustainable foods nationally. First Ray co-founder Sandy Abram is ecstatic with the Greenpeace assessment of their Fish 4 Ever skipjack tuna. “We are thrilled by this result and to have Fish 4 Ever deservedly recognised as Australia’s best choice when it comes to canned tuna”, says Ms Abram, “not only does Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna support sustainable fishing practices, but it holds equitable trade very close to its heart supporting local fishermen and small fishing communities”.

Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna is caught in the pristine waters of the Azores using a traditional pole and line method. This method avoids by-catch or harm to other species and the marine environment itself. In contrast, illegal and industrial fishing and bad methods (such as purse seine nets, Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) and dragnets) also inadvertently catch turtles, whales, dolphin and shark; kill endangered species and immature fish; damage the ocean floor; and disrupt the whole marine environment and eco-system.

Fish 4 Ever has been available in Australia for 6 years now and sustainability has always been part of her DNA. “During this time, we have seen a growing awareness around sustainable tuna fishing”, says Ms Abram, “so we are thrilled to be able to bring to the Australian people a sustainable choice and one that reflects this change and makes a positive difference in our marine environment and world”.

The Fish 4 Ever range includes tuna (all pole and line caught), sardines, salmon, mackerel, herrings and anchovies. 70% of Fish 4 Ever products are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified further endorsing its sustainability credentials.

Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna is available in good independent grocers, organic, gourmet and health food stores around Australia. It is also available in Thomas Dux stores in Sydney and Melbourne and Harris Farms stores in Sydney. It is available in 185gm tins and retails for $3.95.

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