On The Shelf

McKenzie’s launches new products

McKenzie’s Foods are adding to their selection of products in time for Spring with the announcement of the new McKenzie’s Shaved Coconut (Dried, 150g), McKenzie’s Fine Pink Salt (400g), and McKenzie’s Baking Powder (300g – new size container).

McKenzie’s Shaved Coconut (Dried, 150g) will add to the McKenzie’s specialty coconut range offering shaved and dried superfood product in a convenient resealable bag. Shaved coconut will add a delicious flavour to a range of baking recipes, cereals, cake decorating, raw recipes, Asian salads, Thai and Indian cuisines.

McKenzie’s Fine Pink Salt (400g) extends the popular Shake & Pour range in a unique and convenient shake or pour lid. The health benefits of Himalayan Fine Pink Salt are endless, and are a perfect dining addition for BBQ’s, picnics and general home dining.

The bigger McKenzie’s Baking Powder (300g) will satisfy home-bakers who have been searching for a larger quantity of McKenzie’s trusted baking powder. The quality product is also Gluten Free, joining the rapidly-growing market and providing an alternative for those who have a gluten intolerance.

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