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Moon Dog Brewing launches seltzer dispensing system in Australia

Moon Dog Brewing

Moon Dog Brewing, alcoholic beverage manufacturer, will launch an alcoholic seltzer post mix dispensing system for on-premises venues. 

“We’re thrilled to be launching the first ever alcoholic seltzer post mix system,” Moon Dog Brewing co-founder Josh Uljans said. 

“This new solution will mean that all alcoholic seltzer drinkers can have the flavours that they’re looking for at their favourite bars, clubs and pubs. 

“This innovation will be rolling out into venues nationally over the next few months, just in time for summer.” 

Moon Dog Brewing’s alcoholic seltzer post mix system can be installed into a venue’s bar with four to eight dispensing valves, incorporating a variety of flavours. Above-bar, below-bar and bespoke solutions are available, requiring only CO2, water, a power point and drainage spot. 

The company also provides a seltzer base with natural fruit flavours in a 15kg box – 25 per cent of the weight of a keg, with 20 per cent more volume. This is mixed with soda to provide over 60L of Moon Dog FIZZER. 

The soda mixes at the point of dispensing, providing a fresher taste and pouring 30 per cent faster than a beer tap. 

“The Moon Dog Fizzer Post Mix Machine benefits are twofold – patrons can find a wide range of alcoholic seltzer flavours at their favourite venues, and venues can provide a range of Moon Dog seltzer without sacrificing any beer taps,” Uljans said. 

The solution will launch with classic Moon Dog FIZZER flavours, created by Moon Dog’s FIZZER Flavourologist and Australian Bartender of the Year, Chris Hysted-Adams. Flavours include Ginger Beer, Summer Spritz, Piney Limey, Coco Mango and Pink Flamingo among others. 

Moon Dog FIZZER contains low calories, low gluten, zero sugar and preservatives and is vegan – an easy option for the health-conscious and available Australia-wide. 

Moon Dog Brewing is preparing to install 1,000 systems in the next 12 months and is currently looking for foundation partners. 

Seltzers are one of the fastest growing products in the global alcohol market, which is expected to grow 230 per cent by 2027. 

“We’ve seen incredible growth across the board within the alcoholic seltzer category, so for us this was the step in making alcoholic seltzer more accessible for Aussie venues and punters,” Uljans said. 

Here, Hysted-Adams demonstrates how the dispensing machine works. 

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