Mutti launches new pasta bar at Salt Meats Cheese

Premium Italian tomato brand, Mutti together with gourmet retail outlet, Salt Meats Cheese have joined forces to serve traditional Italian fare to Sydneysiders at the soon to be completed, Salt Meats Cheese Mutti Pasta Bar.

Located inside the Salt Meats Cheese store in Alexandria, the innovative new pasta bar will utilise the Mutti range of gourmet tomato products together with freshly made pasta to create a range of authentic Italian dishes.

To celebrate the launch of the pasta bar which was held last night, Francesco Mutti, the fourth generation family business owner of the company, flew over from Italy to share his passion for Italian food and celebrate the brand’s success in Australia.

“Tomatoes are an integral part of Italian cuisine,” said Mutti. “From pasta to pizza, it is really one of the core pillars of our cuisine.”

Mutti produces eight products in total including passata, pizza sauce, inventa sugo, tomato paste and four varieties of tinned tomatoes. By producing only a small number of products, Mutti says that the family run business has been able to perfect its recipes.

“At Mutti we work only on tomatoes because it takes time to learn about the product, it takes time to perfect a product,” said Mutti.

“Italian food is very simple. It consists of only a few simple elements, and those elements have to be dramatically good. You cannot make something good with an average ingredient.”

Mutti was joined by iconic Sydney chef, Massimo Mele of Hugo’s fame who created a menu of canapés for the evening including woodfired margherita pizza, puttanesca pasta and a host of other tomato based delights.

The Salt Meats Cheese Mutti Pasta Bar will be officially opened in early 2014.


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