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New baking products from Dr Oetker and Queen

Dr. Oetker has launched a host of new products which will make baking even better for Aussie sweet treat fans.

Following the launch of the baking and decorating range in October last year, Dr. Oetker has created 10 new products, inspired by the latest trends. Furthermore, vanilla brand Queen is set to introduce seven new products with a focus on flavour and origin. Each of the 17 products have been crafted to enable bakers and decorators of all abilities to produce even more creative cakes and delicious desserts.

The Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres feature a flavourful filling in a ready-to-squeeze packet, allowing bakers to fill cupcakes, donuts and other pastries, without the mess. Available in Rich Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Zesty Lemon, each packet provides enough filling for 12 cupcakes and comes with a handy nozzle.

The existing Sprinkles range has two new additions, Salted Caramel Crunch and Sour Strands. Inspired by the latest flavour trends, these innovative finishes can be used to make party treats salty, sweet or sour, and will be loved by adults and kids alike.

For beginner decorators the Ready Rolled Icing Disc is set to make decorating much easier and quicker. With a diameter of approximately 33cm and a thickness of 3.5mm, the 450g pre-rolled, white icing disc can be easily rolled over a 20cm round cake, giving a smooth finish, in just a few minutes.

Two new Ready to Roll Icing products in White and Coloured have been transformed from the Queen brand to the Dr. Oetker brand. White comes in two sizes, 600g and 1kg, while Coloured comes in a three pack of popular icing colours, red, yellow and black.

For chocoholics, Dr. Oetker has introduced a chocolate flavour to the Designer Icing range. The decadent filling comes in a handy pack which features four nozzles, making it easier to decorate sweet treats in all sizes, from cupcakes to cookies.

The newest addition to the edible decorations range are the Edible Mini Wafer Flowers. Each packet contains 40 flowers in three different colours – blue, yellow and pink with shimmer.

These delicate flowers can be used on cupcakes or special occasion cakes, and add a beautiful finish to any dessert.

The single serve Mug Cakes are available in two flavours; Rich Chocolate and Banana Bread. Taking only one minute to cook in the microwave, the all new Mug Cakes are a single serve treat that is quick, easy and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Queen, Australia’s vanilla and flavouring extracts brand, has released a range of premium, single origin vanilla products for bakers. Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste with Seeds and two new Queen Finest Vanilla Extracts celebrate the unique aromatic and flavour profiles of two premium vanilla producing regions, Madagascar and Vava’u, Tonga.

Queen has developed three new Flavours for Icing in Salted Caramel, Choc Espresso and Strawb’ry and Cream. They are perfect for adding intense, on-trend flavours to icings, desserts and no bake treats.

Also new is the Black Food Colour Gel which offers a deep black colour when added to icing and cakes.

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