New range of Festivale Dips


Gourmet food innovators Chris’ has launched a range of Festivale Exotic Global Dips inspired by flavours from around the world. The new range focuses on flavour innovation, appealing to a consumer with a taste for travel and adventure, and are now available in selected Woolworths stores nationally.

Festivale includes four dip variations designed to transport the consumer to a foreign destination – Mediterranean Tirokafteri Spicy Fetta Dip, Southern Smashed Avocado & Fetta Dip, Sweet Potato & Coconut Sri Lankan Style Dip, and Chilli & Lime Mexican Inspired Dip.

Festivale’s bright packaging has been designed to evoke memories of food and travel, and is presented in premium black tubs for easy entertaining. Chris’ have created the range to target an audience with a passion for food from around the globe.

The Festivale Exotic Global Dip range includes:

Mediterranean Tirokafteri Spicy Fetta Dip

Clean and fresh, the Mediterranean Tirokafteri Spicy Fetta Dip features pieces of feta in a smooth base, spiced with chilli, complete with mellow undertones of olive oil. The dip has been inspired by summer in the Greek Islands, and is best enjoyed with warm pita bread, crackers or crisp, fresh vegetable sticks.

Southern Smashed Avocado & Fetta Dip

The Southern Smashed Avocado & Feta Style Dip combines ripe avocado, chopped feta, tangy lemon and a hint of clean, green parsley. The fresh and salt flavour pairs with corn chips, crackers, or wholemeal toast.

Sweet Potato & Coconut Sri Lankan Style Dip

Featuring a rich blend of roasted sweet potato infused with coconut, the Sweet Potato & Coconut Sri Lankan Style Dip fuses caramelised cayenne chilli puree with ginger, garlic, curry and lime leaf. This dip is best complemented with warm naan bread, or served as a side to curry or dahl.

Corn, Chilli & Lime Mexican Inspired Dip

The chunky Corn, Chilli & Lime Mexican Inspired Dip’s corn and cream cheese base is enlivened with red bell pepper pieces, and finished off with a burst of lime and chilli freshness. Corn chips are an ideal accompaniment, but a dollop of dip can also be added to tacos.