Halo Top Creamery expands vegan ice cream range

Halo Top Creamery has added new non-dairy, vegan, flavours to its range.

The new vegan-friendly flavours, available in Australia, are sea salt caramel, peanut butter and toasted coconut.

The new vegan options, made with coconut milk, add to existing dairy free options, chocolate and caramel macchiato.

The demand for dairy substitutes in Australia has increased significantly over the past few years, and these new flavour give people more options.

The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2011 by former lawyer turned ice cream aficionado, Justin Woolverton, while on a quest to find a healthier ice cream to enjoy.

He originally created a simple ice cream, using a few ingredients in his kitchen.

After purchasing a $20 ice cream maker online, he ran his mix through and realised he had created something worth selling.

Woolverton decided to take his ice cream to market, with the help of company president  Doug Bouton.

Woolverton’s aim was to make a healthier, yet still tasty, ice cream.

Each tub is 280-360 calories, and contains protein and dietary fibre.

The dairy flavours are chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chip, peanut butter, seas salt caramel, birthday cake, s’mores, chocolate chip cookie dough and candy bar.


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