New ‘Vege Crisps’ unveiled

The Vege Chip Company has introduced a new range of Super Food Crisps to its Deli Crisp Range, aimed specifically at adults wanting a healthier, gourmet tasting snack.

With more than 1 in 100 Australians suffering from a gluten intolerance, the Vege Chip Company is delivering consumers an all-natural, gluten free chip alternative that are genuinely healthier and are free from nuts, egg, soy, petrochemicals, MSG, flavour enhancer and artificial colours preservatives. 

The new Super Food Crisp flavours include Vege Deli Chia Crisps: chia, galangal (ginger), red chilli and green shallot Vege Deli Turmeric & Cheese Crisps: turmeric powder and cheese Vege Deli Lentil Crisps: lentil and potato blend.

“The Vege Chip Company is more than just a snack business that creates healthy and innovative products, it’s also a way of life for the team. It’s about incorporating our passion for health and wellness into our work, and educating consumers about what they’re putting into their bodies and encouraging them to make the right choices for their families and for themselves with a balanced diet,” said Managing Director of the Vege Chip Company, Rob Crisfield.

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