Nord Drivesystems gets thumbs up for new geared motor

As a household name in both the local and international market, a renowned food company that manufacture’s sauces, soups, stocks and juices, looked to Nord Drivesystems to meet its stringent automation requirements. With Australia as the main manufacturing hub, products are exported to different regions around the world, including the UK, Asia, New Zealand and Canada. Considering the high volumes produced out of Australia, it is no wonder the search was on for a  robust solution for increased productivity and zero downtime.

With manufacturing demand on the rise, the company went in search of a geared motor designed to best withstand high-frequency and high-pressure washdown cycles. Not looking to just any supplier, they needed robust geared motors to match their stringent application requirements for conveyor and mixers in the hygienic wash down area. There was also the need for 24/7 technical support.

Finding a reliable solution was no easy task as the gear drives in an environment such this tend to have a shortened service life and their painted surfaces do not last. In a search for a like-minded supplier, Nord Drivesystems came to mind.

Nord Australia’s Phil Richards, Victorian key account manager said that Nord’s new-generation NSD tupH aluminium drives passed all the tests. “The NSD tupH was designed with the customer in mind. As one of the most recent additions to our product range, we are finding this aluminium drive to be one of our most sought-after offerings,”


Combining decades of expertise, advanced R&D and its customer-centric nature, Nord Drivesystems today offers a sleek surface treatment to make its IP-69 rated aluminium drive robust and corrosion-resistant to withstand harsh wash downs and meet stringent hygienic requirements weile remaining competitively priced.


“The proof is in the pudding with this product. The customer first performed several trials with NORD‘s NSD tupH in their plant and were so happy with the performance of the surface protection that they have made it a site standard for geared motors being installed in hygienic wash down areas” Phil continues.


Richards also said that the Nord NSD tupH is a paint-free solution complete with a smooth surface and finless fanless motors for easy cleaning. “Gearboxes are also available with stainless steel hollow or solid output shafts.“

“In the end, we have a happy customer who has now specified our product as a standard. The Nord NSD tupH does the talking for us. The product is available off the shelf from Nord Australia with very short lead times and comes with stainless steel shafts and food grade gear lubricant.  This high-quality product remains unrivalled and we are so pleased with its performance relating to this application,” Richards concluded.


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