Powerade promotes no sugar, no excuses in new campaign

Powerade Zero, Powerade's sugar free sports drink, has launched a new advertising campaign titled 'Zero Sugar. Zero Excuses', targeting active Australians.

The product's first local campaign since its introducing in April 2012 has channel specific motivators to help consumers overcome excuses for not exercising.

Pettigrew, Powerade's marketing manager, said "From hitting the snooze button on the alarm to swapping out the gym for after-work drinks, we are all guilty of making excuses not to workout … Zero Sugar, Zero Excuses, is all about empowering Aussies to stay committed to their fitness goals and keep their eyes on the prize."

The new campaign will have multiple touch points including out-of-home, digital, mobile and social media with different executions of the ad targeting different excuses people have for not exercising. For example:

  • The ‘Hot? Cold? The weather’s not an excuse’ ad will see weather related mobile ‘excuse’ pop ups with smartphone calendar integration, allowing users to cement a date to get fit
  • The ‘Rise above the snooze button’ ad wil feature time of day related placements at points-of-sweat in gyms and on-the-go locations including bus shelters, bus mega wraps and convenience stores.

Powerade beverages are part of The Coca-Cola Company, with other beverages in the range including Coke Zero also recently launching a new ad campaign in Australia. In a first for the global beverage brand, Coca-Cola's recently released American-based campaign focuses on lowering the calorie intake of its customers, by spruiking its range of 180 low- and no-calorie beverages as well as the low-and no-calorie alternatives to its full calorie drinks, like Diet Coke and Coke Zero.


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