Preshafruit uses High Pressure Processing – a first for Industry

Australian manufacturer of fruit juices and coulis, Preshafruit, has said it is the first company in the world to use High Pressure Processing as a sterilisation technique.

The Melbourne based company uses the technique, which involves cold pressurisation instead of heat pasteurisation, to sterilise fruits for single variety High Pressure Processing (HPP) juices and the dairy industry.

According to the Director of Food Science Australia’s Innovative Food Centre, Dr Kees Versteeg HPP offers the advantage of removing microbes without sacrificing product quality.

“The unique benefits of HPP are that it kills microbes such as yeasts, moulds and bacteria, and extends the shelf-life of chilled perishable products without adversely affecting the food’s freshness, flavour, colour, texture and nutritional value,” he said.

Preshafruit said its HPP fruit juices and fruit preparations have achieved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and Australian Certified Organic certification.

Its juices were voted World’s Best New Juice and Best New Beverage concept at the Beverage Innovation Awards last year.