Prince William requests McVities to make royal wedding cake


Posted by Rita Mu

UK-based biscuit manufacturer, McVitie’s, will whip up a dark chocolate biscuit fridge cake – a childhood favourite of Prince Williams – for the royal wedding tomorrow.

The cake will contain nearly 40lb of chocolate and 1,700 biscuits: more than enough to feed 600 guests at the canapé reception, according to

The royal family has advised that while the dark chocolate can come from anywhere, Rich Tea biscuits must be used in the cake.

The choice of biscuit came as surprise to Cake Design and Development Head Chef Paul Courtney, who said Digestives or HobNobs biscuits were the typical ingredient for the type of cake requested. 

“Rich Tea are perhaps not the most glamorous biscuits in the world,” Cake Design and Development Head Chef Courtney told “And now they are taking a starring role in the royal wedding. But they’re quite crisp compared to a digestive, and so they’ll contrast well with the softness of the chocolate.”

The official royal wedding cake will be a traditional multi-tiered fruit cake made by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns. Bride-to-be Kate Middleton has asked for it to be decorated with edible flowers – an English rose, a Scottish thistle, a Welsh daffodil and an Irish shamrock.

Image: Cake Design and Development Head Chef Paul Courtney tastes a piece of a trial biscuit cake after making it at the McVitie’s factory in Stockport. Source: