Advantech SPC-800 Series HMIs

Advantech’s new SPC-800 series of human-machine interfaces (HMI) feature an integrated support arm system mount adapter and a customisable extension unit to facilitate diverse visualisation and control applications. With IP66-rated ingress protection and IEC 61131-2/61010 certification, the SPC-800 series HMIs are robust and ideal for operation in a variety of harsh industrial environments.

The extension unit of the SPC-800 systems supports a wide range of additional peripherals and controls, allowing the systems to be flexibly configured and the functionalities expanded for a multitude of specific usage requirements. Furthermore, the extension unit is designed to be compatible with RAFI-branded control components and all wires are integrated through the internal hub. The integrated mount adapter supports both pendant and pedestal mounting to enable optimal positioning and ergonomic control for ease of use. Available in a 15” (SPC-815) or 21” (SPC-821) form factor, the SPC-800 series are ultra-slim (25-mm wide front bezel) and lightweight with a snap-fit design that allows for single-person installation, ensuring easy deployment.

The system’s IP66 rating for protection from dust and water ensures operation in challenging industrial environments. Moreover, the silicon-free design prevents silicone contamination from negatively impacting various assembly processes including soldering, adhesive bonding, coating and wire bonding, thereby ensuring the highest level of safety. Additionally, the achievement of IEC 61131-2/61010 certification further verifies the system safety and robustness to ensure unrivalled reliability for industrial control applications.

With the integration of a customisable extension unit, the system functions can be flexibly configured according to specific application requirements, offering an endless number of potential configurations. The extension unit supports a wide range of additional peripherals and controls, such as an RFID/NFC reader, key-operated selector switches, LED indicators, push buttons, emergency stop buttons and more.

The SPC-800 series is equipped with a support arm mount adaptor that allows the system to be deployed outside the control cabinet. Cables are routed through the swing arm to an I/O wiring area that can be accessed without having to dismount the device. This not only ensures easy access to the power supply, Ethernet and USB ports, but also enables the use of standard connectors. Meanwhile, the integrated mount adapter supports both CP 40 (Rittal) and CS-480 (Bernstein) suspension systems for pendant and pedestal mounting to enable optimal positioning and ergonomic control for a wide range of applications.

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