Beverage Trays From CHEP

The CHEP range of Plastic Retail Beverage Trays are designed for all users looking to easily and efficiently move and handle beverages including:

Retail outlets


Industrial beverage producers

Transporters, including trucks and rail freight




The CHEP range of Beverage Trays provides users with a variety of features and benefits including:
Unique multi-purpose tray which accepts 1.25ltr carbonated & 2ltr juice bottled products

Smart design ensures load stability, bottles are secured at the base and at closure points

Non-porous surface design

Foodgrade100% PP virgin plastic material

Lightweight at just over 1kg per tray

The multi-purpose Beverage Tray enables simple movement from production line to retail display

Reduced handling lowers the risk of product damage through the supply chain

Increased transportation yield delivered with 5 layer stacking configuration

Multi-purpose module configuration improves store floor utilisation via increased product ranging options

Modular to CHEP plastic retail display pallets and CHEP Standard pallet

Low profile stacking when empty allows for improved transport & storage efficiency

100% recyclable, the Beverage Tray eliminates costly one trip cardboard packaging

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