Brushless DC servomotor reaches a new performance class


Faulhaber has  introduced a new brushless DC servomotor to its powerful BP4 product family. Available in Australia from Erntec, the new brushless DC servomotor 2264…BP4 offers an outstanding ratio of torque to size and weight, while the miniature drive comes with integrated sensors and a wide speed range.

The 4-pole motor achieves a torque of 59 mNm with a weight of just 140g and a diameter of 22mm. The DC servomotor also reaches up to 34,500 revolutions per minute, thanks to the innovative segment winding of the coil, which was developed for the brushless DC motors of the BP4 family. Given the overlapping, nested, individually wound segments, an especially large amount of copper can be accommodated in the coil.

The compact coil in the servomotor leaves sufficient room for a resilient shaft with a diameter of 4mm and suitable bearings. Key benefits also include low inertia, making the motor well suited for dynamic start/stop operation; overload resistance; longer service life than standard DC micromotors; and wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees Centigrade.

Optionally integrated analogue Hall sensors can replace an encoder in the majority of applications and determine the position of the output shaft very precisely. Compatible optical and magnetic encoders are also available for high-precision applications.

Faulhaber’s new brushless DC servomotors are ideally suited for industrial automation and can also be used as handpieces for electric tools such as electric pruning shears and screwdrivers, motorised instruments for surgery, grippers and robots, and also for aerospace or active prosthetics.

Additionally, Faulhaber is introducing a drive with integrated motion controller to its family of motors. The 3274…BP4, considered the most powerful motor in the family, is now also available as a motion control system. This combines the brushless high-performance motor with control electronics in an extremely small space, creating a highly dynamic drive system for complex positioning tasks directly in the automation environment.