Calibration Exchange Program extended to Easidew PRO XP Dew-Point transmitter

The Easidew PRO XP explosion-proof dew-point transmitter is now part of Michell’s calibration exchange program, which helps customers keep their sensors calibrated while minimising downtime.

Using the calibration exchange program, customers place an order for a guaranteed, reconditioned dew-point transmitter. When this arrives, they exchange it for the installed moisture sensor that is returned to AMS Instrumentation & Calibration. Using the service eliminates the need to shut down the process to send the dew-point transmitter away for recalibration while ensuring that a fully calibrated moisture sensor is always installed.

Measuring dew point or moisture content in a variety of gas or liquid process applications, the Easidew PRO XP has global explosion and flameproof certification for use in hazardous areas. It has an accuracy of ±1 °C dew point and measures from -110 up to +20 °C dew point, with a pressure rating of up to 450 barg. The 3/4” UNF industry-standard process connection makes it easy to install or retrofit into existing equipment.