Electric actuators for a wide variety of industry applications


SMC combines the advantages of pneumatics with the world of electronics in its comprehensive assortment of electrical actuators, motors and controllers. The standard product assortment alone provides solutions for countless applications and a wide range of solutions from miniature and carriage actuators to compact slides, grippers, cylinders and controllers.

Solutions for three tiers

The company organises its assortment of electrical actuators and controllers into three tiers that represent typical user requirements, from easy operation to absolute effectiveness and flexibility.

Tiers and levels of flexibility are all based around customer’s unique needs:

For customers whose operating conditions rarely change and who prefer quick start-up times to high flexibility, SMC’s standard assortment actuators with pre-set actuator parameters are especially easy-to-use.

For more complex applications that demand a higher level of functionality, SMC’s progressive programmable drivers offer interface options ranging from latest network protocols such as EtherCAT right through to High Speed Pulse or parallel IO wiring with functional capabilities extending from basic positioning, torque and motion control.

Finally, AC servomotor amplifiers (series LECS) provide the highest level of precision in terms of position, speed and force control.

The AC servomotor power amplifier LECY was developed for machines and systems with quick and high-precision axis motion. It is equipped with an STO function (Safe Torque-Off), which prevents the drive from starting up unexpectedly. Such safety functions are becoming increasingly more important for machine manufacturers with regard to EN ISO13849 machine safety guidelines.

The LE range

The company’s LE series is available in a large number of different components.

Each of the series (over a dozen in total) contains numerous products with various sizes and specifications as well as additional equipment options. These include, for instance, an integrated motor brake and cleanroom-suitable versions.

The company has designed the range over time to meet a wide range of customer requirements and today, the great product variety covers the needs of most industrial applications.