Enviro friendly pallets

JMP Holdings (JMP) now offers a new environmentally friendly pallet for export and domestic use.

JMP’s Enviro Pallets are made from 100% recycled waste materials so no new trees are felled to make these pallets. The waste materials which range from recycled wood fibres to sugar cane pulp are compressed together under extreme temperatures to produce a strong and durable pallet that is ISPM15 compatible.

For an exporter JMP’s Enviro Pallets do not need fumigation and do not have a time limit on when to use the pallets. They are pest free, moisture resistant and totally bio-degradable.

JMP’s Enviro Pallets can hold substantial load capacities. They are relatively lightweight, nestable, stackable and can be used with or without a skid. Designs also include the popular Australian 1165 x 1165mm size rackable pallet.


• In total compliance with ISPM 15 Guidelines;

• Nestable, Stackable and Rackable;

• 2 and 4-way entry;

• Comes with detachable skids;

• Ideal for airfreight;

• Can be used on roller conveyor with or without skid;

• Strong and durable physical properties;

• Suitable for out-door use (moisture resistant);

• Eco-friendly;

• Helps companies meet ISO 14000;

• Nesting ratio of 5:1;

• Ease of transport and assembly;

• Optimal use of space;

• Pallets can be stacked and separated safely and easily;

• Extremely durable;

• Biodegradable;

• No nails or splinters; and

• Tested for quality using over 10 different methods.


• Light weight pallet (ideal for airfreight);

• Pallet without skid;

• Pallet with single piece skid; and

• Double Deck Pallet.

JMP Enviro Pallets are approved by AQIS and Australian Customs for import into and export out of Australia. These pallets are accepted as a fumigation free pallet worldwide.

JMP Enviro Pallets can also be a far more economical choice than hiring expensive hard wood pallets.

For further information contact:

JMP Holdings Pty Ltd



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