High-speed jar cutting solution


MAER S.A of Girona Spain, specialists in the design and manufacturer of high speed rotary trimmers for neck cutting of plastic bottles and containers, has released its new WM500 TC 10 rotary cutting machine for the high-speed, low-cost production of PET large mouth containers for products such as mayonnaise and sauces.

The WM500 TC machine is designed to cut off the dome of a PET container that was produced for Blow-trim technology. This technology allows for the efficient and low cost production of wide mouth containers by using standard narrow-neck pre-forms, eliminating expensive injection mould tooling and saving energy, resins and cycle times.

The wide mouth finish is built into the same bottle mould rather than into the pre-form. The blow moulded jar has two portions: the threaded neck finish and an upper dome that is removed in an online process. This provides processors with a lightweight, unbreakable jar alternative to those made of glass.

The new machine has outstanding versatility, as it enables the handling of containers which do not require cutting to pass through the on-line machine, saving a bypass of the cutting machine. It can process necks with diameters ranging from 45mm up to 110mm.