Krones’ FlexiFruit pre-dosing system


To enable juices consisting of sacs, fibres, fruit chunks or pulp to be filled as gently as possible, Krones rigorously separates the juice from the fruit content itself, both in the process engineering for thermal treatment and in the filling technology downstream. For this purpose, Krones has created a pre-dosing filler called FlexiFruit for the fruit particle content before the actual juice filling carousel in the main filler.

The goal of the filling process is to run hot pre-dosing into the containers of a fruit-fibre or fruit-chunk mixture with a fruit content of around 50 per cent in chunks measuring up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimetres in size, plus 50 per cent juice, before the actual free-jet hot-filler is reached.

Up to now, piston fillers have mostly been used for this purpose; the trouble is that they are not cippable, or not completely. Post-dripping may impair the accuracy of the dosing function, which is why Krones has developed a simple, hygienic system that’s easy to clean, one that if at all possible no longer drips after dosing: a solution featuring diaphragm valves was chosen, which offers the additional benefit of minimising the damage rate.

One of the system’s major advantages is that the dosing filler itself does not need to possess an additional measuring instrument. What happens is that the entire fill quantity is measured in the downstream weighing-cell filler, where the juice without any fruit cells is bottled. High priority was also given to ensuring operator-friendly maintenance. By developing the FlexiFruit pre-dosing system, Krones has successfully closed the circuit required for holistically gentle production of beverages with a fruit-chunk content.

Krones is able to offer a seamless concept covering both process and filling technologies for producing and bottling beverages that contain fruit chunks and fruit fibres.